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Husband / Boyfriend Use of Meth Topics

Husband Use of Meth

Husband uses meth occasionally - why gloom & doom & lack of trust?

My Meth Husband

My husband is breaking my heart

Is Love Dead with my husband?

I left my husband and his meth use, any advice?

Should I use "Before/After" meth pictures on my husband?

Husband is injecting meth; can he quit? Will he relapse?

Help, husband using again!

Husband using meth?

Is my husband lying to me about meth usage?

I think my husband continues to use Meth

Husband using meth for 11 years - Why can't I cry?

Is it "normal addict behavior"?

The Cycle of Craziness

Will he ever quit? Meth, now Dexedrine?

About my Husband - Is there life after Crystal Meth?

Revoke my husband's bond or send him to rehab?

Should I get my husband out of jail?

Divorcing meth addict husband - Supervised visitations with children?

What can I do after husband gets out of jail for meth?

Husband being released from rehab - Any advice?

Problem controlling my husband Meth addiction

My Secret - DEA is arresting my Meth husband and he doesn't know...yet

Husband, first time in jail because of meth

What is worst? Meth addicted husband or him living with girlfriend?

Help! I think hubby is using Meth again!

How can you prove he's using meth?

My husband hates my attitude towards his meth addiction but loves his puddle slut pinion!

Broken and torn about husband's meth useMeth addicted husband cheating sexually

Husband continual drug use / relapse every week

Lack of trust = right to go use meth?

Other Meth Issues

Meth and Cell Phone bill

What do we do when our addict goes to jail?

Boyfriend Use of Meth

Why does my boyfriend love me today and hate me tomorrow?

My Boyfriend and Meth - Please explain!

My boyfriend's a Meth head - Help!

Is he tweaking?

What is in my addict boyfriend's mind?

He cheated, sexual abuse, please advise

I love a meth addict why am I miserable?

Boyfriend says I'm the problem...how do I accept reality

Boyfriend uses meth, I want to quit

Boyfriend in jail for meth - parents kicking me out!

Is boyfriend addicted to Meth? He says he doesn't crave it

BF High again! When will this nightmare stop!

Boyfriend is using, temptation to use ...

How do I know if my boyfriend is using Meth?

Boyfriend's behavior: busy nonstop...then grumpy; meth again?

Fiancé Use of Meth

My fiancé is a meth addict, advice on how to deal with this

Engaged to an ex-addict - wanting to try Meth

Found out my meth addict (ex-fiance) is a new daddy

Engaged to an ex-addict - wanting to try Meth

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