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        Sites and Links Against Methamphetamine

Attacking Substance Abuse Problems (ASAP)
Local Southern Illinois organization focused on eliminating substance abuse problems within the community area of Benton/West city, Illinois. 24 hour hotline - 618-218-6199.

Meth, not only here in Oregon, but all across this Nation of ours, is becoming an Epidemic. We are a handful of individual’s that have decided to dedicate what time we have extra, to lend a helping hand and try to reach our kid’s, before it is too late.

Meth Awareness & Prevention Project of South Dakota
MAPP-SD develops and provides a variety of training and educational opportunities to reach individuals, communities, businesses and groups across South Dakota.

Sponsored by White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Just Think Twice
Think Drug use doesn't hurt anyone? Think twice.

Parents: The Anti-Drug
TheAntiDrug.com was created by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign to equip parents and other adult caregivers with the tools they need to raise drug-free kids.


Our goal is to educate the public about the dangers of crystal meth and support local prevention, treatment and enforcement efforts. We are a non-profit organization taking a stand against the drug Methamphetamine in Cleveland , GA. (White County) and in  our surrounding communities of North Georgia.

MEADA (Coalition of Wright County, MN)
Methamphetamine Education and Drug Awareness (MEADA) Coalition of Wright County, MN, was developed to educate youth, families, and citizens on the dangers of drugs with a focus on methamphetamine. This coalition was started in January 2004.

Meth Watch Program
Meth Watch is a voluntary program that involves a variety of people at the community and state level, although retail involvement is the cornerstone of this program. This web site provides states interested in learning more about the Meth Watch program with the resources needed to implement and maintain a Meth Watch program.

Community Partnership of the Ozarks

Meth Education for Elementary Schools (MEDFELS)
This web site was developed in conjunction with a grant to develop and implement a drug education program that assists third and fourth grade teachers in presenting an accurate portrayal of the dangers associated with the manufacture, distribution and use of Methamphetamine. 

Drug Free NWA
The mission of DrugFreeNWA.com is to empower, educate, and inform the public, parents, teachers and community members; so together we can manage the drug problem in Northwest Arkansas.

Stop Drugs
California Narcotic Officers' Association and California Department of Justice.   Information on methamphetamine, links, research, prevention, treatment and enforcement information.

Life or Meth Web Site
Sponsored by the Midwest HIDTA.  Local Treatment and Law Enforcement contact information from each of the 6 HIDTA states. Well organized, quick loading, limited in information and some pictures may be offensive to young readers. 

Drug Free America
A comprehensive database of drug information: what they do, what they look like, their history and slang terms.

Mothers Against Methamphetamine
A Christian response to the drug problem distributing literature she has written to educate the public about methamphetamine and other drugs.

Midwest HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area)
The mission of the Midwest HIDTA is to measurably reduce and disrupt the importation, distribution, and clandestine manufacturing of methamphetamine in the five state region and other parts of the United States, thereby reducing the impact of illicit drugs and related violent criminal activity.
Order this poster from www.noxcusesnone.comDrug Strategies
A non-profit research institute that promotes more effective approaches to the nation's drug problems and supports private and public initiatives.

DEA - Publications - Get It Straight!
U.S. Department of Justice site aimed at informing children about drugs.

DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration
Drugs of Concern

Methamphetamine Strike Force - San Diego County
The Meth Strike Force is composed of approximately 70 member organizations and agencies, including local, state, and federal representatives from public health, law enforcement, judiciary, education, treatment, prevention, and intervention agencies.

Crystal Meth Anonymous
A 12 step fellowship for those in recovery from addiction to crystal meth. There are no dues or fees for membership. Membership in CMA is open to anyone with a  desire to stop using drugs. 

This website contains information for gay and bisexual men who use methamphetamine. We in no way promote or encourage the use of this controlled substance. Instead, we seek to help individuals minimize the harms associated with use of methamphetamine. Because of our harm reduction goals, some language and imagery may not be suitable for individuals under 18 years of age. Also, if you quit using methamphetamine or are trying to quit, you may wish only to view the sections of this website that pertains to managing, cutting down, and quitting.


Links submitted by readers:

Lead on America
Promotes the partnership between local law enforcement and citizens in an effort to increase the community resources that have been impacted by the explosion of illegal drug activity in the Northwest.

Facing the Dragon
David Parnell is a motivational speaker. He travels across the country to share his story and struggle with methamphetamine. David has devoted his life to fighting Methamphetamine.

Mediations (FREE)

Meth Madness

Street Drugs

Narcotics Anonymous


12 Step Cafe

Songs of the Twelve Steps

Celebrate Recovery

Crystal Meth Anonymous

Kids Against Drugs
www.kidsagainstdrugs.com www.methequalssorcery.com

NA AA Recovery Zone

Recovery Emporium

A Meth Diary

Big Book Concordance

Smart Recovery

working coda 12 steps

co-dependents anonymous

recovery from codependency

more codependency

panic/anxiety anxieties

go on and live (goal)

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