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Methamphetamine Drug Prevention and Education - Resources for Teachers

Meth Awareness Course (Non-Credit)
From Idaho Real Estate Commission powerpoint presentation

Meth Myth or Fact
12 fact or myths about Meth. Great way to start a discussion in the classroom.

MEDFELS (Meth Education for Elementary Schools)
This web site was developed in conjunction with a grant to develop and implement a drug education program that assists third and fourth grade teachers in presenting an accurate portrayal of the dangers associated with the manufacture, distribution and use of Methamphetamine. 

Meth Education Tool Kit
The Meth Education Tool Kit was developed and produced by: Putnam County Health Department; 13th Judicial District Drug Task Force; and Tennessee Tech University's Business Media Center. The production was funded through a federal grant for the 6th Congressional District.

The Faces of Meth

Taproot, Inc.
Taproot's mission is to show communities how to educate through entertainment, using today's technology.  Combining creativity with learning, and using their own local talent, communities engage with each other through art, movies, music, and dramatic stage productions; becoming movie stars in their own hometown!

2005 Montana Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Methamphetamine Users vs. Methamphetamine Non-Users

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