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Relationships and Meth Topics

Dating a Meth Addict

Do meth addicts really love?

Dating an addict

Sex and dating in early recovery

Should I date a recovered Meth user?

When an addict says, "I love you"

Can Meth make someone sick by kissing?

When was your breaking point with his meth use?

Meth Addict Relationships

Can a meth addict really have a relationship?

Can two meth addicts / recovering meth addicts make it together?

Can an addict have a relationship and not be sexual?

I love a meth addict and I'm miserable

Boyfriend meth addicted: How do I save our relationship?

In love with person who introduced me to Meth

Engaged to a meth addict - What should I do?

My loved one is on meth

In love with meth addict, what do I do?

Marriage / Long Term Relationships

Husband / relationship question - why does he neglect me?

Practical tips for surviving a spouse's addiction

How to handle your significant other's bad days

Can two recovering Meth addicts stay together?

Problems with addicted Spouses

How do I deal with a controlling mother of an addict?

Communicating with a recovering spouse

Should addicts marry with less than 2 years clean time?

Breaking Up / Divorce

When is the best time to leave a meth addict?

I need advice, is my marriage over because of Meth?

Anyone start detaching while in relationship?

Should I have left my meth addict alone?

Other Relationship Topics

What does an addict feel the moment they cause pain to others?

Guidelines for a healthy relationship

Is this the behavior of a bag whore or prostitute?

Question about couples who used Meth together!

Did your meth user change you?

How do you go from dope friends to real friends?

Two ex addicts living in one house?

Question about couples who used Meth together!

De - romanticizing meth

How do I support an addict without sounding sorry?

Is there such a thing as being too encouraging?

My husband hates my attitude towards his meth addiction but loves his puddle slut opinion!

Recovery from Relationships

Being dumped by a meth addict

Left your Meth addict? How did you move on with life?

Do loved ones ever learn to love again?

Cheating / infidelity....how can you forget?

How do I recover from my meth addict?

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Codependent Issues: Loving an addict

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