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Couples who used Meth together

Couples who used meth together...
I just had a question for all the couples that used too use meth together. Well, when me and my ex boyfriend were getting high we did these 3 things all the time.

1-Get high or look for our next high
2-Have tweaked out sex after our high
3-Always and I mean always fight when we were coming down.

Were we the only one like this????
writerjp Re: Couples who used meth together...
That sounds about right to me. Mine was not a boyfriend but a "friend with benefits" or whatever. He definitely was NOT a real friend however.
Lisa Re: Couples who used meth together...
Well, my partner and I used to:

- Look up interesting subjects together on the internet and smoke;
- Listen to oldies and smoke;
- Go off and do our respective projects - he'd take something apart and clean it and I'd do arts and crafts;
- Clean and organize;
- Watch movies at home and then look up all the actors and actresses on IMDB and smoke;
- Read books and have loooonnnnngggg discussions about them and smoke;
- Go to thrift shops and hardware stores; and
- Have sex. (And smoke, but not at the same time).

In that order.
Re: Couples who used meth together...
You pretty much described my ex-husband and me.
That's why he's an ex. There was no way in hell I could have recovered and stayed married to him.
He went through rehab shortly before me, and returned to using.
But for the Grace of God, there go I
Re: Couples who used meth together...
Yeah, Me and him never did any projects together but we would always talk talk talk when we wre high and then get in huge arguments. We never ever watched TV together HIGH, he was usually in the shower picking at his face and I was always listening to MUSIC and smoking ciggy's one after another.
One weekend we decided to go camping with other users (couples) and it was hell. We were stuck inside the tent smoking dope and the other couple end it up leaving at midnight and we left 6 A.M the next day. It was a fuking nightmare
Re: Couples who used meth together...
yeah. your description rings pretty true for me.
i think that`s the majority of couples that used together, though.
my ex and i would use, have sex, come down, get mad, and fight, use again, have make-up sex, come down, get mad, and fight..
that was a daily routine for oh, 7 months?
forget suzetteRe: Couples who used meth together...
pretty much...
.....but throw in hours of me cleaning and/or drawing porno pictures requested by my ex....and him masterbating all day...
...that ended up, us fighting about either him not helping me clean so i could jack off too.

or, I was'nt intrested in him anymore because of the things he asked me to draw him doing...after a folder full of horrific perverted sexually explicit stuff, i was incapable of fullfilling.
...I'm not a transvestite or a high school girl.
.....turned me off.
from hell

Re: Couples who used meth together...


Were we the only one like this????
Mebbe NOT RoseNina
Because you just described how it was for me !
Re: Couples who used meth together...
this is why we speedfreaks gotta stick together.
.....no one else has seen that world, butr active users,
and us in recovery.
what boggles my mind is why is appealing?
..as bad as it was?
it's the demon in our head, wanting to return to darkness/insanity.
sanity is difficult to adjust to.
.....this are just so.....normal.
Re: Couples who used meth together...
The porn got outta control in the end.
We were watching porn MOST of the time, and it was so outta control.He had his friends bring us NEW porn every week.Sometimes he would trade dope for PORN!
I remember when we were having sex I had to STOP so I can get a FIX, and then continue again! It was sad sad life.

I dunno why anyone would like living that way. It makes me sick. Anyways, he is still out there USING with one of my so called friends, and they live together NOW. And they are still doing the same sh!t.
Thank God it's not me!!!
Re: Couples who used meth together...
I told my ex he needed to get a hot watermelon and poke a hole in it...

..cause ....I was getting up to smoke! LOL!
Re: Couples who used meth together...
I know exactly what you mean suz!!!
The crazy sh!t that I went through. What a waste of time, but I look back NOW and know with all my heart that I don't want to ever go back to that hell.
Re: Couples who used meth together...
Well, that was sorta the same for me and my ex. We started using together the day we met. Everything was kool for the first 3-4 yrs. Then we decided to get married. All hell broke lose then. As soon as we got married he quit his job and for the next year we lost everything. Including our love for each other. We stopped sleeping together the last 3 years of our relationship. All we did was look for dope, get high, he'd do all his dope, then accuse me of sleeping with the dope man because I still had some. The last 3 years of our 3 yrs marriage (LOL) he didn't work, did all the dope he wanted to for free (because I worked like a dog), called me a whore 24/7, ate all the food in the house (when he was coming down), kicked doors in, treated my mom like @#%$ (because we had to move in with her because he didn't work, and I was supporting both habits), fu*ked up my self esteem, and destroyed anything that meant anything to me including my pride. Well, I guess it was sorta like that. Anyway thanks for letting me share. I am 54 days clean, minus my sorry azz husband (thank God) and a hell of a lot happier.

Much love to all who suffer from the effects of addiction,

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."
Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945)
FSOAB Re: Couples who used meth together...
I got so mad one time, I told him I was going to take the disc drive out of the computer and replace it with a pocket puzzy....
Re: Couples who used meth together...
Yeah, We didn't do much or went anywhere. We were always in a room or in someone elses house getting HIGH. We didn't go out to eat because we were never hungery and we didn't

even sleep together( I mean real sleep ).

He was always recording songs with his homies and I was stuck in my own crazy head.

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