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Quitting Crystal Meth / Methamphetamine Topics


To the addict who still suffers

Approaching a meth user about their addiction

What helped you (or a loved one) quit and stay off Meth?

Top 5 things I don't do anymore when I was using Meth

Out of Control coming off Meth?

Quitting Meth: Things to think about

Meth Addicts Quitting - It gets worse before it gets better

Quitting Meth - steps which are helpful

When does someone really hit rock bottom?

Is there any talking a meth addict into quitting?

Quit Meth - Joy felt for the first time

After quitting Meth, can I be the same?

Quitting Meth -Cold turkey or slowly weaned off?

How do you know your ready to quit Meth?

A dozen thoughts on quitting meth

How do I cope with the meth addicts denial?

If you found some Meth, what would you do?

How do you talk to your Meth Addict?

If it weren't illegal, would you start using meth or have ever stopped?

After quitting meth, how long to think clearly?

When will an Addict quit using?

Smoke Pot and quit Meth?

What worked for you in getting clean of Meth?

How do I support an addict without sounding sorry?

What was the turning point in your life that made you quit meth?

Why did you quit meth?

I quit meth, now what?

Can I stop meth on my own?

Why did you quit meth?

What made you decide to quit?

I'm trying to quit Crystal Meth, but I need some help bad!

Can you quit meth on your own?

Can he quit and how will I know?

Husband quit meth; when will he stop being angry?

Prostitution for Meth - can I brake this cycle?

New user attempting to go clean

Does it mean he's not ready to stop meth?

Tried Meth 2 weeks ago, I am hooked

Meth free but still use alcohol, pot and opium and I don't want to quit that...

When you quit meth, did you have several relapses?

How do I quit?

Why stop meth when you love it so?

Have you ever said, Enough is Enough?

Question about quitting coke verses meth

On my way to inpatient rehab, I am so scared!

Getting off meth; the shame, the hurt, guilt

Is he really quitting meth?

Positive reasons to get clean

A shovel is a tool

Can a Meth user quit cold turkey after 23 years?

18, Why so hard to Quit?

Getting & Staying clean while around users

Why is it so hard to quit Meth?

25 reasons why people use Meth


Question about Craving Meth

How do I help him fight this meth addiction?

Looking for a Crystal Meth replacement

Does acupuncture help with meth cravings?

Alternatives to help with Meth withdrawals?

How do you make the Meth cravings go away?

Recovery vs. Abstaining in reducing meth cravings

I want to quit meth, but I can't fight the cravings

How to deal with son's detox

Need helpful tips to stop meth cravings

When does the Madness of wanting Meth stop?

NEW  Meth Cravings after 7 years?


Overcoming Addiction to Methamphetamine

Addiction - Can it be cured?

Psychological Pain vs. Physical Pleasureof Meth

Meth and Lies...When you stopped using meth, did the lies stop?

Selected Quotes From Crystal Meth Anon Convention

Top 10 lies my addiction tells me everyday

Husband quit meth? Still twitches and grinds teeth . . .

Will you be a survivor of Meth addiction?

Negative drug test by taking something?

Meth Users' Excuses

Advice for new meth addicts quitting

Does changing the environment help in quitting crystal meth?

9 days clean  - the one-liners that are saving me

Am I an addict for life?

What caused you to stop using Meth?

What was your bottom?

Distortion of Smell

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Recovery and Treatment of Crystal Meth / Methamphetamine

Using Signals / Signs of Users on Crystal Meth

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