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Trusting Crystal Meth / Methamphetamine Users

Trust Issues

To what extent will a meth addict Lie?

How do you know if a meth user is telling the Truth?

From a meth addict's perspective: Please Kick Us Out!

What does an addict feel when they hurt someone?

Does meth take away feelings or compassion?

Why are meth addicts always gone?

When meth addicts are out all night...what are they doing?

Lies and Trust: A meth addict's perspective

Are meth addicts pathological liars?

Did you, as a meth addict, mean to take advantage of your family?

Is a meth addict honest the day after using?

Truth in Quitting Meth

A meth addict doesn't always look like an addict

Is he really quitting crystal meth or just abstinence?

What do you do when they won't admit using Meth?

How can I tell if he's using/clean of meth?

How do you know if someone really stops using Meth?

Can he quit and how will I know?

Should I be looking for Meth abuse?

Is my husband lying to me about meth usage?

Is he still using meth?

I fear my friend is back on meth

I can't have a conversation with meth user

Where do you hide your meth stash?

Addiction or Behaviors?

Hiding his meth addiction from mom, should I tell her?

Clean of meth or not - how can you tell?

Who among us is truly strong?

In an addicts mind - why do they feel I'm judging?

Ever given permission to your loved one to use meth?

Husband uses meth occasionally - why gloom & doom & lack of trust?

Why do meth addicts lose everything?

How do you let go of your guilt?

Recovering addicts and the loved one of the addict help each other

Code and slang names talking about meth on the phone


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