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Where do you hide your meth stash?
Are 'fever blisters' a side effect of meth?

msjbus Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
Ok, so I asked this question a while ago and now i cant seem to find the post so i will ask again.

Actually I have several questions?

1. While using where would you hide your stash? Like, in your vehicle? I need specifics here. PLEASE!!!!

2. Are 'fever blisters' a side effect or a sign that someone is using meth? (Hubby has them again)

I guess that is all for now....thanks for any answers you all may have..........
25 years
but no
Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
Addicts will stash their stuff in places normal humans won't even go. I have gotten cold sores all of my life. Before, during, and after stopping meth. On the other hand, I can see where it could trigger them in some people.
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Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
Mine hides his in the little front pocket in his jeans. Always has it on him. I found it also in his car ashtray once too, but usualy is always on him. Mine calls his blisters his "acne" but I know better what they are. Sorry you are going thru this, It sucks!!
Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
tape player / cd player in car

in gear shifter
Sfj Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
It is nearly impossible to answer the first question.

Remember, a common sized hit of meth is physically about the size of an aspirin. Now ask yourself, "How many places could I possibly hide an aspirin?"

Also, many meth users consider the "Art of Hiding the Stash" to be a mini-thrill in itself. You'll never find it.

Many users keep a tiny bag in the wallet or purse. Beyond that, anything is possible.

Fever blisters are possible, but not necessarily any more common among meth users than the general population.
catest Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
2 of the most "creative" places I hid mine:

1. Inside a little fold in my knee immobilizer. I fit about 1/2 gram in it.

2. Under a rock in the fishtank. It was put inside about 10 baggies, one on top of the other, followed by a zip-lock bag. It didn't get wet.

Like SFJ said, it was a little thrill all on its own for me.
Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
If you want to know if he's using drug test him. Evidence like 'fever blisters' isnt conclusive in any way.

Finding his dope will not do *anything* for you. Trust me.

Try to look at the big picture here.. these little details are things you're using to distract yourself from looking at the consequences of what will you do if he *is* using? What does this mean for your relationship? your marriage? Finding his meth.. or trying to tell if he's using by simple physical signs is only going to consume your time and energy.
lax2 Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
I was so good at hiding mine than even I constantly hard a hard time finding it. I would often spend hours on the project of where to hide it... followed later by an excruciatingly annoying round of NOW WHERE IN THE HELL DID I PUT THAT!!!
I would often rollup the baggie and put it in the cap of a bic pen. If I was paranoid I would keep that pen among many others... WHICH GD PEN IS IT!!!   oh i dont miss that!
msjbus Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
ok.....so I went out tohis truck.......doors are locked and he has all of the keys........that is my luck. Anyway, I have been doing some thinking: I'm sure he is using again, but now I have to decide, do I stay, do I go, what to do what to do? I know that is something I will have to decide for myself.

So, why do I insist on tourturing myself by "searching" for this stuff? I guess just to satisfy myself.......like I have said before "I am a must see it to beleive it kinda gal" That sounds so stupid but that's just me. I guess I just have to set myself down and have a long talk with myself and decide what is best for me and my two children........

Thanks so much for all of your help!!!!!!!!
I think that I would loose my mind if it weren't for all of you fine folks here.
Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
pens, pencils, markers, always alot of aluminum foil aroung [plus your spoons will come up missing,toolbox,anywhere you think it couldn,t be i have busted my old man several times
Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
The best place is in plain site. I promice you could search my apt for a month and still not find it.

If you don't use, then why are you looking for it? Do you want to SEE it? SMELL it? TASTE it? TRY it?
Why look for it? To prove you are right?
Finding it won't PROVE anything except it is there. Maybe you are addicted to the HUNT?
Will finding it help anything? If you don't find it, you will just keep on searching and searching anyway, KNOWING it is there somewhere. If you do find something, then it will just be harder to find next time, so in a way your just setting your self up for failure.
Save your self some time and go do something else more productive. Stop searching.
Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
i would stash my @#%$ in my shoes. mostley in a sock or somewhere in my room that i couldn't even find it sometimes.
i am not missing that crap at all
JDP Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
I had to reply to this one, cause I have been there and done the searching thing.
My addict boyfriend always told me (when sober) that most addicts will carry their drugs on them or have them close by.
When I found them, it was in a shirt pocket of his clothes in the closet, but that was early on, when I was less aware of what was up, then I found it in his car under the floor mat of drivers side. I think he has had it in his tool chest, in the TRUNK of his car under all area for the spare tire. In his pockets, in his mouth, cd cases, his old backpack, oh in a shoe in the closet, under the mattress.
Someone posted these once and so I put these hiding spot also.

In the rafters under insulation in the basement.

Under candlesticks down in the holders.

Light fixtures under the bulbs (not screwed in all the way) to where you think the light is just burnt out.

In the plastic toilet paper roll holder (you know, with the spring in it)

Taped behind picture frames and mirrors.

In the spine of books.

Fuse box in the car.

Tape deck in the car.

"Stick ups"...thought they just quit smelling? No, they've been emptied and is now a hiding place.

Bottom of the Q-Tip box.

Inside of an ink pen (very common place)

Cigarrette pack (very common place)

Breath mint tin, like Altoids (very common place)

Top of mini blinds

Under batteries in the TV Remote

Little coin pocket of jeans hanging in the closet

In YOUR business suit jacket in YOUR closet

socks in the drawer

Behind pictures and clocks

My ex once took a black lighter, emptied the fluid, took apart, and hid it in there. Looking at it, it just looked a lighter. Until I tried to use it, it wouldn't work, and I threw it away!

Someone should start a thread...best places to hide. I've found dope and thought (more than once), that's the last place I would've searched!

i have seen it rolled up in tape to look like trash too.
Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
1. While using where would you hide your stash? Like, in your vehicle? I need specifics here. PLEASE!!!!

I liked to use those boxes listerine breath strips came in.
.....baggies fit in em perfect, and the box fit in that tiny little pocket in your jeans.
I kept my dope ON ME.
........except in the shower and during sex.
then it was still in my pants, but within reach.

2. Are 'fever blisters' a side effect or a sign that someone is using meth? (Hubby has them again)

fever blisters are caused by alot of things..
...herpies simplex 1 is a virus you are born with usually
that becomes activated by stress, over exposure to sun,
weak immune system.....meth can definatly weaken your immunity and stress you out.

the best thing in the world for em is ABREVA
..I've never had another one since that came out.

the trick is to rub it all the way in till it tingles..
....a few times a day.
for me, one to two days is all it takes.  
Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
Are 'fever blisters' a side effect or a sign that someone is using meth?

Can be not always.My mouth is covered now too where I was scrapping and rubbed insulation in my face  
Thin skin and insulation on a hot day doesn't mix


While using where would you hide your stash? Like, in your vehicle?
Under floor mat, under ashtrays(they pull out),under the horn cover if it DOESN"T have an AIR BAG- under seats,seat covers, inside speakers, glove box, any place at all where you can stick a tiny baggie -no bigger than a penny most times.
so in other words,take the vehicle to the police station and get a drug dog because that is what it is going to take to find it.

Flashlights, cigarette packs, behind pictures , the list is a mile long at best.

Now, you can drive yourself nuts trying to find the stash- I gave you enough places to keep you occupied for a month checking on a daily basis- and remember he can put it here one day and put it somewhere else another-
You can do this.

Of course you have to wait until he crashes so you can do it while he is asleep and won't catch you.
I was a lucky one- if I took advil cold and sinus at 9 p.m., I was good until 2-3 a.m. -that left me hours to search and destroy.

Funny thing is I did all that and still didn't find anything.
Then came where I knew he was hiding it in the bedroom - so there I went on another search and destroy.
In all honesty ,he probably went back to hiding it in the truck while I was searching the bedroom............

Do you hear the insanity in this?
Because I do- and I did- and I let go all those months ago.

And I never felt better.

I can not control my husband's use- that is his.

so I have 2 choices-
Leave it with him - Logical choice

or continue to lose hours I could spend doing more productive things - like sleeping, enjoying my family, reading a book, taking a long hot bath- by attempting the impossible.

These are the same choices you have now.

You want to know if your spouse/loved one is using? Believe what you see.
End of story.

When they quit, everything about them changes- attitude, how they speak, everything- you see it- you can't miss it-

If they haven't quit, then it will be more of the same as it has been.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

You can change a lot just by worrying about you- doing for you- you want to go to a movie? GO- with him or without.
Want to go to bed? GO with him or without him.
Live your life to the best of your ability- change what you will about yourself-
that is all you can do.

sometimes I wonder who is the sickest? The addict or Us?
msjbus Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
ok, so here is my thinking and I may be totally wrong about this. I am a 'have to see it to beleive it' person. I don't know why I am this way, I wish I wasn't. (Probably from Dad never showing up on his time) Anyway. I know that if I leave it alone, he will eventually screw up and it will be there in plain view. (he always does). My thought is this. As most of you know, we have 2 small children and I know I should just pack up and leave, but. Where to go? Mom lives just 2 miles away, that won't work. His parents live 4 miles away, that wont work, they are his parents, and he does no wrong.

My sister, well that's an option, but her hubby drives my up the wall. Couldn't do that. So I guess I'm just buying my time, trying to save up some money, get everything in order, then leave. But, when I married him I said' for better or worse'. Where do I draw the line?

I know that I could search for months on end and turn up empty handed. I know that this will drive me insane. So I guess I'm just as confused as I was 3 years ago.

Re: Where do you hide your meth, drugs?
I am a 'have to see it to believe it' person.

I am too - BUT you do see it.You may not see the baggie- but you do see it.

Can't sleep, restles, can't focus, starts one thing ends up somewhere else, never finishing what he started, snappy attitude coming after happy happy, no time to sit still, no time to relax,
I could go on and on BUT you do SEE it.
Just not the baggie.


When you let go- when you quit trying to control that which you can not.
You can not control him- even if he wasn't using.
He is a grown man, he will go where he wants, do as he pleases with your approval or not.

All you can do is control YOU.
End of story.

When does it stop? When you get sick and tired of being insane , of losing yourself in his addiction.
You don't have to physically leave the residence to do that.
You can physically leave the residence and still be caught up in his addiction.

It happens within you- no matter where your body is- it comes from inside.
Every day a commitment to yourself to be the best YOU you can be.
Let him live with his choices-
You LIVE with yours.
YOU choose to enjoy dinner with your children- YOU set up what boundaries you have to have.
2 small children- well for beginners, no shyt in the house.
TELL HIM and stick to it!
Tell him, you do not need or wnat my permission to use-
but this is my home, this is where my babies play- you can not and will not bring it here.

It stops when you do- the insanity for him may continue but you do not have to lose yours.
YOU control YOU.


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