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Defining Methamphetamine and Crystal Meth
What is it?

Defining Meth

What does meth smell like when it is smoked?

What does meth smoke smell like?

What does Meth smell like?

What is Punding?

What is Red Meth?

Liquid Meth

What exactly is tweaking?

Tweaking - Defined, Definition, Explained ... What is Tweaking?

Names for Meth

What is the difference between Crank and Ice?

Crank vs. crystal meth - what is the difference?

Glass vs. Speed vs. Ice

Speed verses Meth - What is the Difference?

Isn't it all Meth?

Consuming Meth

Eating Meth?

Questions about eating Meth

Can you eat Meth?

Meth spiked drink?

Shooting meth vs. smoking and effects on user?

Comparing Meth to other Drugs

Meth vs. Heroin - which is worse?

What makes meth more addictive?

Comparing coke, crack, and meth to how addictive each is?

How can I tell the difference between cocaine and meth?

What's the difference between meth and coke?

What's worse when stopped; opiates or meth?

Cocaine vs. meth - difference? less jittery?

Injecting cocaine compared to meth?

Meth and Ecstasy - Similarities

Crystal Meth verses Ecstasy

Can a person smoke pot and stay away from Meth?

What is the effect of mixing meth and diabetic drugs?

Shooting up vs. smoking/snorting rid your system of meth quicker?

Meth vs freebase question

What does a meth buzz feel like?


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