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What is Punding?

Sound familiar? PUNDING!
I SEE THIS BEHAVIOR IN MY ADDICT...Does this mean it might go away if the meth goes away?

I thought it was permanent brain damage that caused this.....and I just found out there's a word for it...It's called PUNDING!!!


Methamphetamine also stimulates locomotor activity, and produces stereotypic behaviors. Stereotypic behaviors are the random, meaningless, repetitive, and compulsive actions that "tweakers" display: twitches, jerks, patterned actions, picking at themselves, etc. Stereotypic behaviors have been related to the norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin systems. Stereotypic behaviors may also be called punding.

PUNDING is performing a useless task compulsively again and again. Users report being aware of their punding behavior, but they say they are unable to stop it.

More harmless punding or tweaker habits include coloring, writing, playing cards, or taking apart and putting back together items in a prolonged and bizarre manner.

Sfj Re: Sound familiar? PUNDING!
Yes, most of us are familiar with the behaviors. The term has been "tweaking" and that word seemed to be satisfactory.

I don't know who invented the word "PUNDING" or even why?

I looked in a number of dictionaries and found nothing in reference to the new word. But then again, that's how dictionaries get changed, by someone inventing a new word.

But dictionaries are often the last to know.

There medical references. Here's one example:

and another:

(good ol' Wiki)

Most of us have a slight resistance to change. Me included.
I prefer to remain with "TWEAKING."
LoveMet Re: Sound familiar? PUNDING!
Yeah my addit did this too he combined the sexual and this sh@@ together. He would cut out porn and pics of women he liked for hours and would put collages together. We are still finding the cut outs all over the house.
Re: Sound familiar? PUNDING!

Couldn't find it in my big dictionary either.....Isn't even in Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary! Hmmmmm!

So punding and tweaking are the same thing!??

Okay, Sfj! Please give me some hope!

Does this "senseless, compulsive rearranging of useless objects" stop when meth use stops? Or do you know people who keep up this behavior indefinitely?
Sfj Re: Sound familiar? PUNDING!

Tweaking (or punding) stops.

WE become something just the opposite, laid back, lazy, uninspired, relaxed etc. Take away the meth and you take away the meth induced behavior.

That is one of the changes that takes place rather quickly. Within a few days. A week or so at most.
Re: Sound familiar? PUNDING!
Thank goodness!!!

I'd rather put up with a lazy, uninpired slug on my sofa anyday, than someone who takes apart every working mechanical device in the house and rearranges all the things in the house and the yard from the places I put them.

Geeez! It can take a week to undo what a tweaker can mess up in 24 hours!!! Their creed (when you leave the house)must be: Leave no thing untouched!!!
LoveMet Re: Sound familiar? PUNDING!
I would have loved if my addict did even productive sh@@ he NEVER did no cleaning nothing like that....all pointless crap...now his sis's ex whom was living with us would clean the whole house.
Re: Sound familiar? PUNDING!
Geeking is also a slang term for methamphetamine-induced behaviour of being fascinated with one thing for hours on end, such as repeatedly disassembling and reassembling radios or watches, or lining stones up in order of size.

[1] This behaviour is more formally known as punding.

So the more formal term is punding!!!!!!


I guess if they did useful stuff it wouldn't be called punding!
lax2 Re: Sound familiar? PUNDING!
MAYBE... PUttering + fieNDING = PUNDING

It sounds like some tweaker tried to put a good face/label on a rather ludicris activity...

that said... I used to do alot of rearranging of the furniture and such... i kinda miss that...when I try to clean now I find it impossible to sort or throw anything out...where as when I was tweaking I would often throw the dollar bills that were in my pocket away as if it was useless junk... often I would remember an hoiur later...only to look in the trash and find money wadded up like used tissues... I can only wonder how many times I didn't catch myself doin this... I wonder if their was some psychological reason IE> "Ill only throw it away on killing myself"?


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