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What does meth smoke smell like?

What does meth smoke smell like?

I moved to a new building that I really love, except for an odor that periodically filters into my master-bathroom. It smells like my neighbors are burning something. The smell is not cigarettes, pot, incense, etc. Meth is the only drug I have no knowledge of the smell of it being smoked. If someone could please explain what meth does smell like when it is burning I would really appreciate it.

Re: What does meth smoke smell like?

Meth smoke is odorless, only experienced users can detect the slight scent of it.

Re: What does meth smoke smell like?

A sweet smell mixed with the smell of burning plastic. It could also be the smell of someone smoking crack. It could be just me, but I seem to reit tasting a bit like burnt marshmallows.

Re: What does meth smoke smell like?

i have only done meth once but it smelled like the vitamin aisle at a drug store.

Re: What does meth smoke smell like?

It depends on what kind of meth your smoking because I've had crank that gags me because of the iodine used in it, and its horrible and i cant smoke. Then other crank that taste alright usually because it was made with red phosphorus and you don't need that much iodine. I d think it depends on your taste buds. But i think it smells like a mild cat piss.

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