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Cocaine vs. meth - difference? less jittery?

imafudge Cocaine vs meth

Have any of you survivors done cocaine? What is the difference? Does one cost more? Does one make you less jittery?

Re: Cocaine vs meth

Cocaine is way more expensive and the high is much shorter (about 1 hour) but they're both equally as stupid.

Re: Cocaine vs meth


Yourbeautyisacarwreck said it all pretty well. Cocain doesnt last as long.. The high from meth last many hours. The high felt very different for me too.

The times I smoked crack I didnt like it at all. As a friend of mine put it, "The only thing crack ever did for me was make me want more crack."

As far as jitteryness... I think that depends alot of the person. I was never jittery using meth. I wasnt really jittery using coke either. Some people I've met are jittery on either one though.

I'm sure someone will post the more technical differences for you.

Oh, and as far as pricing goes.. I think meth is more expensive weight for weight.. but people who use cocain typically use *alot* more cocain because it last such a much shorter amount of time.. and you build a tolerance to it very fast so cocain users will spend more money more quikly.

kathi Re: Cocaine vs meth

Space Monkey! you "cracked me up" I use to say the exact same thing about crack (just makes you want more crack) lol lol

imafudge Re: Cocaine vs meth

Is coke the same as cocaine? Everybody tells me i should be able to tell when people are high but to be honest it is hard for me to tell (please don't laugh)

Re: Cocaine vs meth

yes, coke is just short for cocaine. :]

an hopin
Re: Cocaine vs meth

"meth is everything coke promises but isn't"
The high of meth is much more prolonged compared to the coke high. One line/hit of meth will last anywhere from 1-10 hours depending upon the addict, one line of coke will maybe last 1 full hour. The highs are similar when snorted but very different if smoked. (Coke=Cocaine=Crack)

See these websites for more info:
and SFJ's webspace...

Wishin an hopin for a change

forget suzette Re: Cocaine vs meth

coke is like trying to watch a program on an airport tv.
...put in a quarter every five minutes or the show stops.

and you jones for more,
.... or for speed to kill the coke feelings in my case.

meth is like having your own tv
....but the power will go out if you do it all the time
because you have to work and pay other bills and you don't
if you watch this show.

meth is direct and puts you in a forward GO!
for a longer time...sometimes several hours if you snort it or eat it.
smoking is different (for me)

coke has a "euphoia" about 7 minutes and you gotta do more
that means, you sit by the mirror or the crack pipe all night and thats all you do.

meth users construct elaberate but usless mechanical inventions..
coke users talk and drink so when the come down happens your drunk.

in my experience anyway.


as a whole...speed freaks are seemingly happier than coke heads....
there is a DEFINATE false sense of well being that, for me
coke never had.
speed freaks may want more, but it passes into an "up"
phase again ...if you got a joint or just wait for it.
they'll start doing something else and not worry longer.

coke heads are washed over with panic before they finish their last line or hit, because they KNOW whats coming.

the jones.

and the fun stops there.

Marcel Albert Re: Cocaine vs meth

forget suzette I couldnt have said it better....or even close to the way you put it....Damned airport TV'S...lol

Meth / Coke they both suk...

forget suzette Re: Cocaine vs meth


I never understood why people do coke,

I would'nt do it if it was the last drug on earth during the apocolypse.

I knew people that sold speed to support their coke habit.

(usually pretty bad deals too!)

I would ask my coke using friends to do some of my speed so they'd look happier!

they are a whole different level of unhappy.
..... ALL gimped up with desire.

speed freaks are running around sweaty and happily chasing their tails.

coke heads look like they have one minute left in heaven
most of the time.

like temporarily happy or something.

it's not like my drug is soooo superior.

we are like in the matrix..
wallowing in a shithole happy,
until the veil is lifted and we see it's a shithole, and get more so it's beautiful for a few more days.

now I'm one day at a time...
I usta live three days at a time.

you can't beat the clock tho, it goes by fast enough with out alteration.

Loraura Re: Cocaine vs meth

From a brain chemistry point of view, Meth's side effects are felt for much much longer. Both block the reuptake of dopamine, which means extra dopamine gets destroyed by a natural process in your brain, but cocaine gets broken down by the body MUCH MUCH faster than meth, so less dopamine is destroyed with Cocaine than with meth. So when the user finally decides to clean up, the mess left over after getting clean is much worse for meth users, from a purely brain chemistry perspective. Both will f-up your life in record time though.

Alone Re: Cocaine vs meth

I never stayed up for 7 days on cocain. Easier to come down. A little depression after words. But try to come off a 7 day meth binge.

renee255 Re: Cocaine vs meth

I was an occasional weekend warrior on coke (we used the needle) with my husband but I let meth (we used the pipe) f*ck up my world! I became a daily user and my marriage and world became something I never expeceted. I now have almost eight years of meth free. One day at a time.

LAYV Re: Cocaine vs meth

I aways heard that meth was the poor man"s coke because it was cheaper and the effect lasted longer. I have done both I have never ever felt any type of high with coke like did with meth. All it did for me was numb my mouth I felt like I had gone to the denist. both are still very addicting.

Re: Cocaine vs meth

I'm with Suz. I wouldn't do coke (that is, if I still chose to use anything) if it were the last drug on earth...what did she say?...in the middle of the apocalypse.

The first time I tried it, I did 21 lines in a matter of 4-5 hours. I got a nosebleed. I never did it again.

Meth seemed more logical (yeah, right!) because it was way cheaper and lasted way longer.

Of course, we all know how that story ends. It was brutal. It is brutal. I am so grateful to be clean today. I am so grateful for my life.

There 1
Re: Cocaine vs meth

Sites for you Good Luck.

Coke Vs. Crystal

imalone Re: Cocaine vs meth

I started with coke. But moved on to meth. Meth I don't even undertand people that likes coke more then meth. With coke I did rails every 15 min. Just waitting for another rail. Meth I do rails when ever. Meth is one crazy ride. Days turn into night. the long day turns into a week.

Cost well it depens.
On the market your in.
also on the user
Cost per gram is the same. I could get ethier for $100 per gram.
But you use so much more of coke. All your doing is chasing something that's not there. So for me Coke is alot more expensive.

Westerner Re: Cocaine vs meth

Weird in a way cause I liked coke better than meth.

Only tried coke a few dozen times. Meth probably over 75 times in 26 years. Did more meth cause my exs loved the crap. Coke (crap) was like a Libido booster for me, as well and I could sleep and eat on it. I love to eat sleep and nap.

Stupid is what stupid does? Err.. Like I would also rather get shot in the gut, than stuck in the gut with a broad head.

imalone Re: Cocaine vs meth

Westerner it is weird. From my experience more women like coke and men like meth. I have no idea why. But this is from my expereince only. My X wife liked the mix. Just added it together and railed it up.

imlostinky Re: Cocaine vs meth

I never got anything off of coke other than making me talk alot.
Seemed pointless to me.
Whereas meth would keep me up all night cleaning and doing dishes.
Now that seems pointless to me.
I don't like dishes no matter what the time.
I'd rather eat off of paper plates and sleep.

Re: Cocaine vs meth

Cocaine is a plant derivative. Meth is man made.

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