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uncertain - 
   Can anyone explain the differences in these substances to me? My husband has told me that he uses glass. And from previous conversations, it seems as though he thinks this is kind of a "new" drug. I don't know if he means knew to him since he had not tried it before a year ago, or if he means new to the Austin scene. Thanks in advance for your answers.


Donna -
   He might mean it's new to him because ice is not a new drug. I'm sure it is all over the place in Austin!! Glass and ice are the same...

dottiegirl -
   there isn't really any differance....it is called differant things in differant areas ...and you would be amazed at how many people think it is new...most are not aware of meth-crank-ice crystal ..whatever you choose to call it until it affects thier lives. It is NOT a new drug it has been around for many many years. I am sorry you are going through this and truley pray your husband seeks the help he will need to overcome this..

Andy - 
   There are differences in strength and how it is made, color etc. But basically you're right it's all a form of "speed" "Glass" or "Ice" almost never come to my area....that stuff is high test. I think maybe that is why I never heard of speed bumps before I came here, the stuff here is not as strong as the west coast, I think.

tm -
   I think you're right, Andy. Where I am from the dealer did differentiate between crank and ice. I paid $400 for a 1/2 oz of "crank" but had to pay more if I wanted "ice". I think they are the same drug; one being a less pure version of the other, more cut.

S -
   Its not a matter of cut, like with cocaine. With coke, you start with a pure drug when it is processed after harvest, and then middlemen cut it with other substances to increase the volume and up their profits.
   With methamphetamine, you aren't dealing with the same situation. Glass is frequently cut, but even with the more sophisticated cuts available, a regular user can almost always tell. When glass/ice is cut, however, it still looks pure - clear to white shards or powder. The brown/pink/red/yellow stuff that you see, ranging in consistency from peanut butter to cake to crystallized is still the same drug, its still methamphetamine, but it was never pure. These concoctions come from smaller labs, forced to use substandard methods to rarefy the drug. They use different precursors in making it, different processes in refining it, and they don't finish "cleaning" or "washing" the product. If they did, they would achieve ice/glass... but they don't have the lab equipment they need to get it there.
   So when you see this stuff, the impure crank, and you use it... its the same chemical getting you high, but you are also ingesting all the byproducts and impurities that haven't been removed yet.
   If your husband is doing ice in Austin, Texas, and its high quality... I can guarantee you its coming from Mexico city. There aren't any labs around here that produce at that quality, but there are a couple of connected families in San Antonio and Laredo that specialize in the import/export business.

uncertain -
   Not knowing anything about drugs, either way it still sounds like a lot of money. I guess that would explain why we couldn't pay any of our bills!

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