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What is Red Meth?


Please someone! What is red meth?
I just read the post about the 18 yr. old almost overdosing on "red meth!" To the PARENT WHO POSTED THIS, my heart goes out to you.....tears are pouring right now....I'm at a loss for words! I've been living with the same gut-wrenching fear!! Thank God your baby survived this....I'm so sorry you have had to go through this pain....I will pray earnestly for you and your daughter, and all those whose lives are in danger from this horrible drug!

If anyone knows about red meth (made with red devil lye?) please share with us whatever you know! Cyanide? Is that found in meth? OMG!!!! What else are people ingesting with this crap??? Where might one find info. on all the impurities that have been found in this stuff?

I wonder if users ever really think of this, when they're about to snort, smoke or shoot it up??? I'm a nurse and it scares the hell out of me!!! Nobody ever thinks this can happen to them, it seems!

Sorry if I'm rambling....just worked another 12 1/2 hour night shift after only a few hours sleep! Thankful this morning my addict is alive....praying I'll never have to go through what this girls parent just experienced.....

This meth utilizes "Strawberry Quick" drink powder to entice teenagers and pre-teen to use to the drug. Source: http://www.tri-dent.us/meth.html




Re: Please someone! What is red meth?
meth that hasnt been filtered properly...the red phosphorous..(spell)


Re: red meth
RED: Meth was made from pseudo-ephedrine, and the red coloring of the original tablet was not adequately washed away.

ORANGE: Ephedrine sulfate was used, and a portion of the sulfate was reduced to sulfur.

PURPLE: Iodine from a phosphorus-iodine reaction was not washed out.


Re: red meth
i don't think it is any of the three answers. i used to batch...i always used to clean up the phos and use it again, it is used for the reaction but not for the final product. so not red phosphorus. it is definitely not the red pills...they wash out in the first stage of making it and all that is is like a coating that you would find on any medication. Has a lot of stuff added to it that makes it very difficult to batch if you don't wash it real good. and if it is red devil lye it would eat right through the baggie that it was bought in. lye is used to clean up your stuff and push it into the coleman fuel. these are only my oppinions and i will tell you the truth...i was not very good at making the stuff so i could be wrong.


Re: What is red meth?
Could "red meth" be just a slang term? I have heard some meth called "red dope" because it was made using the red phosphorous method. The other around here was called "annie" because it was made using the anhydrous ammonia method.


Re: What is red meth?
i just found out that they do call meth made with red phos....red meth... i never heard the term. but i didn't think that it made the user any higher or sicker than anhydrous dope. sorry guys... shot my mouth off too quick. angie


Re: What is red meth?
It is sometimes the bones of dope. If you know anything about cooking dope you know what I am talking about. It is the trash of the dope.
Red Dope
Just another name for dope made from Red Phosphourus

It does not mean the Phosphourus was not filtered out of it.


Re: Red Dope
Lots of times the stuff I would get wouldn't be white, it would have a pink tint to it, and other times it was peanut butter color, and very sticky.


Re: What is red meth?
The trouble is that you can't look up the term, "Red meth" in a book and know what it is. Do they mean what people have suggested and that it's just called that because it was made with red phosphorus? Do they mean it was a red color when they got it? Or maybe that when it burned it burned red?

The stuff that comes with a pink tint to it is in my experience manufactured in Mexican super labs and the pink tint is the latest thing they use to cut it. I've heard people swear it was MSM a dietary suplement and joint lubricant but I believe they were mistaken. I wouldn't worry particularly about this being the problem.. The meth is likely worse than the cut in this case.

The coloring isn't the red phosphorus.. because that stuff stays solid throughout the process and is easily filtered... and even if it wasn't you couldnt melt it to IV it or smoke it.. and it isn't terribly poisonous.

Meth that burns red when you smoke it... I wish I knew more about this one. I know that you get a deep red color when you don't have a very clean product or if someone tries to rock up and sell unreacted psudoephedrine.. which looks like dope but burns red. I'm sure there's also some kind of cut that will make it burn red..

My honest guess though is that it's the meth that has this kid in trouble and not whatever's in it that makes it red. I could very well be wrong but that the best I can say from the information..

PS: Red Devil lye is used in just about any process people use. It's a pure chemical and is just used to basify water and isn't dangerous on it's own, nor is it red.


Re: What is red meth?
i have a question of curiousity...

one time when i got meth and when i smoked it
it turned blue... any info on that?
my friend told me it was "the good shiet"...


Re: What is red meth?
Well, I've definitly seen stuff that burned blue...

I really dunno what it is that causes this... since nothing I ever got consistently was blue so i never got a chance to inquire.

The short of it being "The good stuff" is that it's all the good stuff. What I mean by this is whatever a dealer has is what they swear, "Only comes around sometimes and when it does you have to get it quik, it's like the stuff we used to get back in the day..." It's a sales pitch... 99% of the time your dealer doesn't have a clue how your dope was made or what it's cut with (and it's all cut) but they'll swear it's this or that.

Just my experience seeing it from the side of too many dealers.


Re: What is red meth?
well my dealer that gave it to me didnt say that... my tweaker friend did. but i guess same thing.
but thanks


Re: What is red meth?
in my experience....i used muriatic acid to bring the ph level down to a 7. well i have added too much before and brought the level down a little lower than that, i noticed that the stuff would burn red. not sure but i think if you have a higher ph level then it may burn blue. i never did that because i wanted every bit of the @#%$ i could get out of the batch. so it may be too much or too little muriatic acid in the final product. but you are right about the red phos. it always stayed solid and was easily filtered and sometimes i was able to use it again. ok maybe i am talking too much sorry. but i don't think ANYONE could do this with these little tidbits of info. believe me it is a long and hard process and lots more steps than are mentioned here. i know about bones too but i think i have said too much. angie


Re: What is red meth?
Meth Synthesis W/ephedrine, HI, Red Phosphorus
I would give you the web site but it tells you how to make meth.
My GOD how to make and cook meth is on the internet, how in the @#%$ do people get how to cook and make meth on the dam internet??????????????????????????
No wounder kids are doing this @#%$
I give up


Re: What is red meth?
My first guess would definitely be that they are referring to phosphorous dope. Just for the word "red".

If by chance, they are referring to the red (more like pink) physical attributes, my guess would be that it is simply trash (filter) dope that hasn't been cleaned properly. I have seen this stuff make many big users very ill, nearly dead at times.

I suggest that anyone that is still using meth know their cooks and trust their ability. With laws preventing the cooks from getting all the right ingredients, some are just throwing together whatever looks good. If it runs, it's dope. I (being an ex needle junkie), don't feel this way. It's dangerous. Too dangerous to just inject anything into our bodies.

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