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Shooting meth vs. smoking and effects on user?

Shooting meth vs. smoking and effects on user?
When I was shooting up meth, I reacted so much differently than to smoking it. For example, when I was shooting up I was much nicer, relaxed, and really calm, but when I was smoking meth I was insane, depressed, and couldn't sit still for one minute. However, I was more paranoid shooting up then when I smoked it. Did anyone else feel this way?

Re: Shooting meth vs. smoking and effects on user?
I couldn't really tell you. I snorted it for a short period of time, then picked up the needle and that was it for me. No other way to do it except IV.

Doesn't make any difference what ways affected me how. It was all killing me 
Re: Shooting meth vs. smoking and effects on user?
me too, if I can't slam it, I don't want it. Either way is UGLY!!


Re: Shooting meth vs. smoking and effects on user?
All I can add is the 1 and only time I snorted, my nose was on fire for days and I was as mad as a cornered skunk and ready to spray.

When I had it put in my drink (my intro to meth before I actually picked up meth) I was flying high as a UFO and scared s!itless-that was *the* longest I was ever up too-3 nights and part of the 4th. Didn't feel like me again for the rest of the week. I guess that's the closest to a "rush" or "euphoria" I ever got.

Smoking it-just made those puzzle pieces fit.
Gotta hush now-Just For Today-I will NOT use-no matter what.
Guene Re: Shooting meth vs. smoking and effects on user?
Hey Rose Bud, All I can say is I'm so happy your doing good and that you are clean, let those memories be in your past, move forward ok, Love Bobbie
Re: Shooting meth vs. smoking and effects on user?
Yeah, I am trying to stop thinking about my dark past, and move on.

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