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Crank vs. crystal meth - what is the difference?

Crank versus Crystal Meth - What is the difference?
I know the difference in the look of the two. When I was younger I used to snort crank - nothing I am proud of, but I did. I was never hooked though. Why are so many people hooked on the high of crystal meth? Is it the ones who smoke it? I hear of everyone talking about the high from smoking and the euphoria. I never got that from crank. What I got was being wide awake, unhungry, energy and a yucky feeling the next day. I remember smoking tons of cigarettes and drinking booze to kind of stop feeling so wired. What is in meth that makes people euphoric? Any answers?
Re: Crank versus Crystal Meth - What is the difference?
Crank isn't as clean or pure. or  Crank is just another street name for Crystal Meth.
I've heard it said both ways.
I got the sustained euphoria from snorting. I always thought what you get from smoking was more of a "rush" than a steady euphoria.

Euphoria. a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being sometimes exaggerated in pathological states as mania. from dictionary.com

Loraura Re: Crank versus Crystal Meth - What is the difference?
In the process of crystallizing the chemical Methamphetamine, most of the adulterants are left behind so it is a nearly pure product.

Crank, or powdered meth, is often cut with something else making it much MUCH less pure, and thus, less effective.

You'd have to ingest much more for the same effect, because you'd be getting less actual Methamphetamine ounce for ounce.

The method of ingesting it merely has the effect of determining how long it takes to get to the brain.

Eating it, it is absorbed though the lining of the stomach and intestines as it is digested. Slowest method, least rush.

Snorting it, it is absorbed through the mucus membranes of the nose, into the blood stream, then to the brain.

Smoking, it is absorbed through the lungs which are DESIGNED to speed oxygen to the blood, so it's a bit faster.

Shooting it is as fast as you can get. Directly into the blood stream. The most rush.

kell Re: Crank versus Crystal Meth - What is the difference?
Know the big difference between crystal and crank?
"Crystal" has seven letters, "crank" only has five. 

A term once used mostly to distinguish down-and-dirty bootleg meth from its crystal-clean sibling, "crank" has become a generic nickname for all forms of speed.

Also check this out..www.kci.org/meth_info/msg...nd-ice.htm

Re: Crank versus Crystal Meth - What is the difference?
I wrote an article on "crank" back in 89, and got to go to the Department of Justice in California while doing research. I was shown many different types of chemicals used to make the drug that was prevalent back then.

Free-on, used to cool (and heat sometimes) for A/C units, was the main ingredient that gave it that high-potency, long-term rush it had back then.

I remember I could do two very small lines and it would last me all day and into the night, sometimes unable to sleep or eat. It was very powerful @#%$.

Certain chemicals, free-on being one of them, are slowly, but surely being banned by the government/law enforcement. Thus, the new stronger, more purer form of "crystal" has been evolving and will continue.

Also I've read that because of the different avenues and new types of chemicals cooks are trying out on recipes -- as certain chemicals are becoming illegal to obtain unless licensed, etc. -- the poisons and misc. crap that goes into it now, can only be toxic brain frying at it's worst. (or best, however you want to look at it)

vctry7 Re: Crank versus Crystal Meth - What is the difference?
All methamphetamine, no matter how pure (pure garbage, that is) is called crank around here.

I had never heard the words methamphetamine or meth when I first tried it, and didn't hear about it on the news until probably a year later. I only knew it by crank.

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