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Life After Meth Issues & Topics

Question about getting back to living / working

Still blame them for introducing you to Meth?

How do you love yourself after Meth?

I quit meth, now what?

After quitting Meth, can I be the same?

Is it hard to get a job after a felony?

Meth and Lies...When you stopped using meth, did the lies stop?

Did you grow up in a drug / alcohol / abusive environment?

Heart pounds very fast, quit meth years ago

How do you go from dope friends to real friends?

Working with pot heads, should I change jobs?

Meth is all around us

Psychotic Episodes after quitting Meth?

How do you turn, run & never look back at the meth?

Could a meth addict become a pharmacist?

An addict determined to die

Reaching out to a Meth addict

Dopamine and recovery question

Son off meth two years, am I enabling or helping him now?

Short term memory is so bad

Recovery and anxiety after quitting meth

Were you violent on Meth?

What happens to older meth users?

How do you build a new life without Meth?

How do I recover from my meth addict?

Date Clean Time Calculator

Does the pain of meth ever go away?

Meth Free - a year later - what a difference!

Things I no longer carry since getting clean

Can recovering addicts make a difference?

Once an addict, always an addict

The Seven Deadly Tweakers

Change is a process...but it does happen

When will meth fog or brain fog clear?

Does a "routine life" seem difficult after years of addiction?

What's left after Meth?

New Positive uses for meth

 What has meth taken from you?

For Non Users and /or Codependents

Forgiving yourself

Left your Meth addict? How did you move on with life?

Will you be a survivor of Meth addiction?

Fear of taking care of myself

How do I recover from my meth addict?


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