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Recovery and Treatment of Crystal Meth /  Methamphetamine Topics


My Addict Says - Crystal Meth Withdrawals "No Big Deal"

Relief of withdrawal symptoms from METH

Withdrawals - Toothache and headache

Can anyone tell me about Meth withdrawal?

Meth withdrawal symptoms: Do I have them ALL?

Is Meth withdrawal ugly? Literally?

Questions about meth withdrawal

How long to Detox from Meth?

Does the addict feel more depressed at Christmas or holidays?

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)

Used meth 2 years, clean 2 weeks - Does it get better?

What are some Meth withdrawal symptoms?


Free / low cost prescription assistant programs for recovery

Should I tell my doctor of my past meth addiction?

Still feeling tweaked after 20 months sober

What is the true reality of being "clean"?

Explain more about the functional crystal meth addict

Once an addict, always an addict?

The Crystal Meth myth

Hard time having compassion for the addict

Hearing loss from meth use

Son getting out of rehab and I feel helpless

Ok to be an alcoholic and not a drug addict?

Son in rehab but I feel sad!

Why is it "the poor addict"?

Our rehabs are full of meth addicts!

Methadone and trazodone - what are they?

Does anyone know about paxil or fioricet?

"Tough love" vs. "the fear of drugs"

Principles of effective treatment

Seroquel for Meth recovery?

Why do recovering addicts shut off or not respond during recovery?

What vitamins or herbs help a recovering addict?

Principles of Effective Treatment (challenging a myth)

Pink Cloud effect

"Pink Cloud" phase of recovery?


Recovery? What does it really mean?

What is it like to go through early recovery?

What is Recovery, really?

He is in Denial - How long for recovery to start?

What is the difference between abstinence and recovery?

Headache's and Meth recovery

Addicted to Recovery?

Okay to swap one addiction for another?

What to expect of someone new to recovery

Trigger management resources

Meth, cutting, suicide

Question for loved ones of a meth addict in recovery

Supporting vs. Enabling - need advice

Worst part of my recovery, learning to live!

Stages of stimulant recovery

If your loved one is in recovery

More going on than just addiction

What are the meth recovery stages?

What is "normal behavior" the first month of recovery?

Does recovery from Meth include being angry?

Abstinence does not equal Recovery

Is addiction a disease?

What was most helpful in your recovery?

Life long drug addicts, how do you respond, help, include?

Abstinence is not recovery

Wellbutrin XL - Antidepressant for meth users?

Wellbutrin and Meth Use

Has anyone else here tried Zoloft?

NEW  Are antidepressants helpful for quitting meth or meth withdrawal?


The Ultimate Meth Song

Anyone have and Songs that remind them of there recovery?

Songs about drugs, meth, being high

NEW  De-romanticizing Meth: One of the many meth love songs


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