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What vitamins or herbs help a recovering addict?

sadinca What vitamins or herbs help a recovering addict?
There's many things on tv saying to take "these" vitamins or "drink" this to clean out your body of toxins and so on. My boyfriend (addict) mentioned the other day that he wanted to get his life right (yes, I HAVE heard it before and many times!!!) He wanted to get something real good to help just clean out his system. Have you heard or used anything that worked well? He did go to a rehab one time for about 2 weeks (parole gave him the option) and they gave him a bunch of herbs and he felt really good. No, he won't go to rehab right now -- No, deep down I don't believe that this alone will stop him from using. But, at least it's a step....He used to always go to bars (almost every night) -- then one day they just disgusted him and he's never went back. He said that he wishes he felt that way about the drug. In any case, do you guys have any ideas?
Re: What vitamins or herbs help a recovering addict?
NA, CMA, SMART Recovery all are free - well close to free.
If he is willing, any of those programs can help.

A good healthy diet - lots of fluid - exercise will help.
If he is looking for a quick flush to pass a drug test, I don't know of any that will help.
All recovery begins with thinking one thought different.
Invite him on board- we can help.
Re: What vitamins or herbs help a recovering addict?
Keep it simple. Most supplements are not any more efficient than eating a clean, healthy diet. Garlic is excellent for cleansing, as is lemon. Lots of water with a dash of lemon juice or lemon wedges, as much garlic as you can handle in every day meals. Just lay off processed foods for a while and eat healthy.

Nothing is going to clean out his system overnight. It takes time. Multi-vitamins can't hurt, but there is no magic pill, there's just time. He'll feel like hell for a while, but if he gives it time and patience, his own body will clean his system out.
Re: What vitamins or herbs help a recovering addict?

Natural Medicine for recovering addicts
B VITAMINS  ...speed sucks B vitamins out of you.  I still take 3 b complex a day.  b6 ...mops up the impurities in your system   b12 metabolism......it also covers nerve repair, and helps return energy levels back...ginsana is good choice  if you can't afford all 3 ginsengs separate. Korean, Siberian, and American....endurance, stamina, and well being.
the big four A E C selenium  that's what I took.
....I look for well being stuff now, instead of energy stuff.

Re: What vitamins or herbs help a recovering addict?
I worked in health food stores for years and I always helped out anyone who asked. Not all sales people are that way, but it's great to wander through and learn about all sorts of things to support health. There are a number of herbal cleansing formulas, but it is best to talk with a nutritionist or naturopath when detoxing from heavy toxins & chemicals such as in meth or just go very light on the body detox and heavy on the mental & spiritual detox. Even a massage can bring out toxins that will make the meth addict sick. I heard a guy at an NA meeting that practiced a native American therapy for cleansing-it was interesting. Rubbing cedar branches all over the body then sitting in the sauna then hot tub then cold water at the river and over again. It makes sense and is highly cherished by this man's tribe for cleansing the mind, body and spirit. Just the hydro therapy and sauna can do a lot.

Prayers for him and you too.

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