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"Pink Cloud" phase of recovery?

mj "Pink Cloud" phase of Recover?
Hey All- I'm wondering, watching my daughter experience what they call the "Pink Cloud" phase of recovery (Sobriety High) - how long this can last, and is there an inevitable "Wall" of a comedown awaiting this phase? She is truly embracing recovery this time, 12 steps, sponsor, mtgs. and just got a job!
We are helping her regain her car back so she can get to work and her mtgs. Currently in a Half-way House.
We are pleased, but also know she will have hard times ahead, staying "committed." Any helpful insights and/or advice? Just wondering...

P.S. Last night she stopped chewing her food at dinner for a moment, and said how wonderful it was to be with us again. I had to pinch myself...
But I'm also being "guarded," she knows that too.
Re: "Pink Cloud" phase of Recover?
Curious - how much clean time does she have?

I remember my addict going through this right before he got sent to prison, in the 3 weeks that he was actively in recovery/rehab. Once he went to prison, everything changed, so I'm not sure what would have happened if he continued with that recovery.
Re: "Pink Cloud" phase of Recover?
Yes, I need to know how much clean time she has before I can answer responsibly.
Re: "Pink Cloud" phase of Recover?
Pink clouds can vanish in a heartbeat!
A thorough understanding of the stages of meth withdrawal will help all of you to understand PAWS and the resulting rollercoaster ride.
Early recovery bring a sense of long awaited relief, it also brings with it a brain depleted of dopamine...this becomes quite obvious when that pink cloud blows out from under us. And it WILL.
As we know [TY Loraura] it takes 18 months to replenish the neuro-transmitter dopamine to 80%, until this happens we are in a delicate balance.
Recovery vs. the OBSESSION to use.

The only guarantee is....none.
mj Re: "Pink Cloud" phase of Recover?
Hi again- Her "clean time" was in jail for a total of 47 days. After that she got out, and said she relapsed on alcohol/cocaine. She swears she hasn't done meth since before jail time (July 18th). I am like wearing a "glass bubble," guarding from getting "shattered" once again. Her friends at her mtgs. seem positive, and our counselor we all saw yesterday (recovering heroin addict for 30 yrs.) seemed to feel she was "getting" it. I just keep surrendering and praying...
Re: "Pink Cloud" phase of Recover?
I just keep surrendering and praying...

Not much else you can do sweetheart.

She's got a good start as far as clean time. If she is still working vigorously with her sponsor and going to meetings and doing well, try not to question it too much.
Try to relax a little bit; it will be good for YOU.

Listen, relapse can happen no matter how much clean time we have. We have to want out of that life as badly as we wanted meth when we were still using.

If we want it bad enough, we shall have it. WE make it happen for ourselves.

My prayers are with both of you.
Maybe you could get her to log onto this site and get to know us. You have seen firsthand what a wonderful source of support this place can be. Just a thought.

mj Re: "Pink Cloud" phase of Recover?
Thanks 9er for your insights...
My daughter's laptop was "stolen," (Imagine that)? while she was in the meth world. It had been given to her by her former fiancé, all a part of what I call the "avalanche of debris" that happened to her.

As soon as she has regular access to a computer, you bet I will share this site with her. I have already printed some forum articles from it to share with her.
You all are such an inspiration of hope for us "loved ones."
Penel0pe Re: "Pink Cloud" phase of Recover?
The pink cloud comes and goes. Mine stuck around for more than 2 years - but when it started to fade, I was at a point in my recovery that I KNEW was going to come eventually - I knew and was prepared for the fact that life would show up, and things would not always be rosy.

By that time I had the tools to get by - I didn't have to get high to cope - and the pink cloud is slowly returning again.

That Pink Cloud has another name - SERENITY.

Recovery does NOT mean life is going to be perfect - what it does mean (Hopefully) is that when life ISN'T perfect, we can get through anything without having to get high to cope, no matter what life throws our way.

The best thing to do ... take it one day at a time. Sounds like she is already doing that 
mj Re: "Pink Cloud" phase of Recover?
Wow - I like that about Serenity, PenolOpe.
Makes lots of sense, hopefully after you internalize
the Steps/Tools of Recovery...
Thanks so much...
Re: "Pink Cloud" phase of Recover?
I'm very happy for you and your daughter. She sounds like she WANTS her recovery to me. I know you are fearful of failure. (recovering addicts are too).

I never heard of Pink Clouds til today. Some things I think it's best I not know now. Any day can be rough, but especially during recovery work (and it is work).

Again MJ, I'm happy one more person is off the junk and headed down a clean path. Hopefully soon you can enjoy some of it with her without such fear.

Prayers for continued success.
Re: "Pink Cloud" phase of Recover?
how long will the "Pink Cloud" phase of Recovery phase last?

....any minute now!  and back, and again, and again..............like the tide, and breathing.  everyone has ups and downs.

How long does a "normal" person's era of good fortune and gratitude to end?......a good way to say it is. If someone gave you a car for xmas.................how long would you be THRILLED about it? It would be hard to get you really angry, or upset...... for a good while.  You just be lovin' that thang......... and one day. someone, or something.....will scratch the car. (recovery)

What is it like to go through early recovery?

Stages of stimulant recovery

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