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The Cat in the Sack meth poem

Daily meth user of 33 years

Users or past meth users; why did you use Meth?

The Dopamine Pill

Dr. Patient Confidentiality

Meth used with Alcohol

Addiction: leave your spouse, never your kids?

Does meth get too much credit?

RIP Songs (death, grieving, sadness)

Poem - Dope game

Meth User? How do you afford a computer / cell phone?

Temazepam abuse?

How do you steal drugs, meth?

The poor addict?

Phentermine - New meth of today's 'justifiable' usage?

Is methadone prescribed for Oxycontin addiction?

Coleman Fuel using or making meth?

Coleman fuel for using or making meth?

Meth Residue Cleanup?

Smoking weed and children

Addicted and living with a meth addict

Is Adderall as bad as Ice?

Letting go vs. ignoring the problem

Letting go ...

Nitrous oxide same as huffing?

Legs / arms shaking from meth withdrawal?

Clean Needles a Good Idea?

Freebasing and throat infections


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