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Sex, Sexual Problems, and Crystal Meth / Methamphetamine

Sex, Sexual Problems and Meth

What is sex like with a person on meth?

Sex with a Meth user

Sex after Meth addiction

Is Erectile dysfunction from meth use permanent?

Methamphetamine & Erectile Dysfunction

Sex / Erection after using Meth

Male erection problem using meth

Porn, Sex Addiction & Meth Recovery

Pornography, erectile dysfunction, and Meth

Meth, porn, and another perspective

Is husband seeking sex elsewhere?

Meth and sex

Hypersexuality - Did meth cause you to cheat on your spouse?

Is there sex after meth?

Sex drive lost- is this normal

Meth / Sex / Dopamine release levels

What does Meth do for a man's sexual appetite?

Meth's effect on reproductive system

Men using meth for female sex when he is gay

Fertility and meth

Meth and sex - connected obsession?

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