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Meth Rehab Facility and Treatment Center Issues, Concerns and Questions

Defining what Rehab or Treatment does

Intensive Outpatient vs. One-on-one treatment

Crystal Meth Rehab - Inpatient vs. Outpatient

Need Advice on Treatment Centers

What is a drug treatment center like?

Question about rehab in america?

What is the policy for calls or visiting inpatient treatment?

What's in store for me as I enter meth rehab?

An Intensive Outpatient Treatment Model

Principles of effective treatment (challenging a myth)

What can I expect from my meth addict in outpatient treatment?

How much time does outpatient rehab require per day?

Hated rehab, do I need a detox center?

Costs of Treatment / Rehab facilities

Trying to get into rehab, have no money

Trying to get into rehab: no insurance

Are there affordable inpatient facilities?

Where do I find an affordable rehab?

Cannot afford counseling or rehab

Free rehab facilities?

Free Rehab?

Best treatment options for Sacto/Bay area in Calif.?

Free Rehabs in Texas?

After Treatment or Rehab

Husband in Rehab

Husband being released from rehab - Any advice?

Other Topics

Visiting an addict without 'triggering' meth usage

Wellbutrin lessens meth cravings?

Help with my early stages of recovery

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