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Behavior / Sleeping Problems / Mental Issues

Personality Behavior

Does Remorse Ever Set in for Meth users?

Borderline personality or Meth addict?

What Makes an Addict?

Can an ex-addict still have long term behavioral changes?

At what stage, does a person's behavior seem "normal"?

Does Meth Lead to increased Violence?

Does recovery from Meth include being angry?

Why does Meth make users so angry?

Behavior changed after quitting meth- is this normal?

Why is he moody after being clean?

Acting - Is it a meth thing or a control thing?

Amphetamine psychosis?

Odd behavior when you're high on Meth

What are the most disturbing meth behaviors?

Can meth change someone into a monster?

The "Exploder" characteristic trait

Sleeping Problems

Meth and Sleeping

Hiding the truth about using and insomnia

Sleeping problem after 11 months clean from Crystal Meth


Sleep apnea common with meth users?

Twitching during sleep - using Meth?

Sleep apnea? A condition alleviate by meth?



Meth cravings and dreams of using

Bad Dreams from Meth

Are nightmares common when you are off meth?

Question about meth induced Nightmares

Weird Dreams

Do you have nightmares and evil dreams when using meth?

Meth using nightmares, dreams?

Mental Issues

Why does Meth make users so angry?

Using Meth I sensed and saw evil: Did you?

Talking to yourself

Addict ever accuse you of using Meth?

See also:

Crystal Meth tools, pipes, objects with using methamphetamine

Paranoia, Hallucinations and Meth Psychosis

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