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Physical / Medical signs of Crystal Meth use


Sores, Spider Bites, Picking at face

Meth sores, skin pores, pimples

Sores on his arm

Question on Physical Symptoms of meth use

Meth Bites / Skin Condition

Spider Bites / meth sores

Formication; aka, speed bumps, meth sores, crank bugs

Where does the picking the face fit in with Meth use?

Does method of using meth increase sores?

When someone uses Meth will they get sores all over the body?

Do you still get meth sores after quitting meth?

Nosebleeds and or/sores in the nose with using Meth

Pickin pocks

Why do some have sores & others don't?

Slamming Meth - What is Slamming?

Signs of Slamming Meth

Slamming / Injecting meth and missing vein

Missing veins, slamming meth

Sweating and meth

Smell of Meth from sweating?

Sweating = Sign of heavy Meth use?

Yes, Meth comes out of your skin

Hair loss side effect of meth?

Why does meth cause hair loss?

Sweets and sugar cravings

Dilated Pupils and Methamphetamine Use

Dilated Pupils a clue of using Meth?

Dilated pupils not using drugs?

Effects of Drugs on Dopamine Levels

Does Meth affect Serotonin Levels?

Do meth addicts know why they are tired?

Numbness at first time use of meth

Brain with and without Meth: Spect scan pics

Swelling of feet from meth use?

See also:

Using Signals / Signs of Usage

Effects of Crystal Meth from Usage

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