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What does constricted pupil or pupil dilation mean?

My bf recently admitted to doing meth for at least 3 years...using daily for one. Supposedly he has been "clean" for 30 days now...but I have notice that his pupils are very, very, very small. In reading the information regarding meth use and side effects, it seems his pupils would be dilated if he was using. What do the constricted pupils mean? I am very unfamiliar with drug use and side effects.

He seems to be doing well to me, BUT I am easy to fool and he knows it. I don't want to confront him about his constricted pupils until I know what I am talking about. Is this a sign of meth use or use of some other drug? Do some meth users get constricted pupils instead of dilated pupils?
FSOAB I have only ever known of dilated pupils when high. I hate looking at him from the side view when he is high. I see nothing but a big black METH hole for a pupil.
JUSTCATS IMO if your bf has used daily for 3 years, he is not going to quit, "just like that." I know, in my case, I was very naive to my bf's meth usage. All of the signs were there, but I didn't see them or want to acknowledge them.

When you kiss your bf does he have a really strange taste to him? Does his breath have a funky odor, or is he sweating alot, with a funky smell coming from his pores?
Stick around, somebody should be able to answer your question about his eyes...
sadscorpio In my experience, constricted pupils meant Heroin
FSOAB Justcats,
Whats that smell? It would be the fourteen cats I have. Now that I think about it, I have only smelled cat poop. I want to smell cat pee because meth labs smell like that. I heard that anyway.
I have smelled the odor from someone using meth. It stinks.
Do some meth users get constricted pupils instead of dilated pupils?
Umm in the begining my pupils would dilate but towards the end they stopped...maybe because of the heavy usage im not really sure.
but towards the end they stopped.
You developed tolerance. Your body couldn't cause the same reaction because it didn't have enough dopamine left to do it with.
So he could still be using even though his pupils stay small all of the time. I mean pin size small. This is making me crazy!!!
Loraura If you want to know without any doubt -- have a drug test ready to go, and make him pee in a cup in front of you.
Otherwise you'll keep guessing and trying to put together bits of information to validate what you think is the truth.
Otherwise, there will be doubts.
I suggest you base your decisions on his behavior, weather he is clean or not.
Well...my experience recently with my -then boyfriend, who has been probably a 5 year user and gone downhill fast in the last year, was doing a lot of dope I'm sure and I noticed his pupils get bigger than ever(due to extra heavy use I imagine) but at the same time, one pupil would be a pin prick size. Medically I don't know what that means exactly, but my intuition told me he was INSANE and brain damaged. Then I would see him and his pupils would both be pinpricks...never normal. I also had suspicions that he was using heroin-smoking it I imagined. Or perhaps taking methadone....sounds like that's what his crowd seems to like to take along with or to accent the meth.
30 days clean is not enough to heal his body or mind let alone his spirit. His behaviors are what should matter to you IMHO.

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