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How much meth did you use?

bec how much meth did you use?
I used meth for 7 years and I never could understand why someone would do that much. I hear people say that used $100.00 in one day and to me that is crazy. that would last me 2 weeks. When I used coke I would do $100.00 in a day but that was coke that's why I started doing meth it would last a long time. Even the last time I used I got a t after 4 days I still had a lot I really am not understanding why you would need that much in a day for what.  Is it the way you use or your body because after 7 years you would thank that I would need more.
imlostinky Re: how much meth did you use?
I've done a gram in one day 
I don't know if it is because it wasn't working like it should or if it was because I was just brain damaged.
Either way I am just happy I don't do any today.
Glad I survived to get to this day.
le grumps Re: how much meth did you use?
When I started, it was about 1/4 gram per day. I was still able to "sleep" (or at least pretend to), go to work, be an activist, and do a lot of mentally demanding things very well.

At my worst, I was using a teener a day. (1.75 grams)

I was utterly incoherent by that point. The only time I felt any clarity was when I was getting that rush. The rest of the time I felt like I was stuck in a giant washing machine, whirling around.

from hell
Re: how much meth did you use?
23+ years and here's where you might end up.
I slammed around .50- .75 per shot.  every 5 hours or so .
Re: how much meth did you use?
The more you use, the more "tolerance" your body builds up, thus-more is needed to achieve the high. That's the body's end of it anyhow & no two bodies are the same either. Personal choice and other influencing factors (peers, environment, etc.) probably play in to increased or higher usage rates as well.

6 short months was all, Thank God (and finding KCI). As far as actual amounts, I have no clue as I didn't own scales nor pay for mine-I stole it from my friend who used-sad fact but I also did it for reasons I hoped would scare the pants off him and encourage his quitting to occur sooner than it did. I know the first pipe I used was about 7" long and had a quarter-sized bowl...pretty much I'd use 10 "slivvers" and that lasted for a few weeks with daily hits for 2 months. Then it went to many times a day. Then I got my "baby-bam" pipe--tiny, 4" long, small bowl & hit harder when heated. I doubt I even used more than a pea-sized rock per day in 6 months.

For me, that was too much, period. I still functioned all day and no one knew I used. It has sent me into a full relapse of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromalgia in addition to the dopamine shortage and sleep problems. It makes me nauseous just typing this.
Re: how much meth did you use?
I was using a lot to a point that I would throw up almost every hour.  My habit was about $100 on a bad day.  It was
between me & my boyfriend. On a really bad day it would cost us more than usual to get high. And sometimes I wouldn't even get high, and that's when I find solution in the
Re: how much meth did you use?
I Used on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday all the way through Saturday. I Used when I was already high, I definitely used when i wasn't. I used when I was happy, excited, to celebrate, and to party, I used when I was mad, sad, when my heart was broken, when I got a job and when I lost one, I used when things were going great, and more when it wasn't..... i used first thing in the morning - and late late late late at night - and any time in between. I used inside, I used outside, I used in many a bathroom, including public, I used on Holidays, and birthdays, and any day I could ..... I used and I used.... and I used and then I used some more ........
Until the day came - and all the using had broken me - inside .... when no matter how much dope I put in me - the hole inside me that it used to fill just remained empty - and raw ....... I used until - I finally wanted to be sober MORE then I wanted to use.
scorpio Re: how much meth did you use?
When I snorted crank I used a quarter to a half gram a day,,, this last time out I started smoking it, I smoked about an eightball a day when I could afford it, by myself.
no more
Re: how much meth did you use?
I did a line a day....not a RAIL...a lil' line for about 3 months. A quarter gram would last me forever, it seemed.
Then, I started smoking it. I would get a teener for 60 to 80 bucks and then sell a half gram and do the rest myself. I was always afraid of overdosing so I really did TRY to keep it "reasonable". How f'd up is THAT?

God, I am SO glad that's all over !
Re: how much meth did you use?
I'm pretty much like al..
..I smoked it ate it, and snorted it.  for the 3 types of rushes.
.....instant (snorting) , endurance (eating), and the sex rush I got from smoking
.....about half a gram, to .75 of a gram every 5 hours.
Re: how much meth did you use?
Everything in my life I do I do it to the extreme. The last couple of years of my usage was hard-core. From the first time I smoked meth...it only took me 6 months to lose 80-lbs. I used everyday all day and all night. .sleeping only once or twice a week.

I would have to smoke for an hour str8 before I could leave the house for work.

I used over 2g at times during my darkest daze while "hot-railing".

Much like Suz I ate it, smoked it, snorted it and hot-railed it. Never slammed it thank god...or I probably wouldn't be here. uggggg
ZJeff how much did you use
To much, At the end all I was doing was manufacturing meth 24/7. It was so sick I hate to even think of it. I would stay up for days, weeks, months. It got to the point that any time I got into an automobile or stopped moving I would fall asleep.
I always had holes in my bags, so not to sure of exact amounts used. But I could go through an ounce in a day easily.
That continued until the cops kicked in my friends door, and we got busted. THANK GOD FOR THAT ONE!!!
A few years in prison, and its all good today. Have not used any since Feb. 28 2001....AMEN!
Re: how much meth did you use?
oh yeah! I hot railed too.
....a combo of snorting and smoking.
Re: how much meth did you use?
For me at a certain point its not about getting any higher, its about just liking to do it. I have sat with a group of people, all of us as high as can be, yet we still keep smoking. I see how big of a hit I can get each time, even though I am already high. I have noticed that when I smoke it, it goes by a lot faster. When I snort it, it lasts forever because snorting it freakin hurts. I think smoking is a lot more of a mellow high too, so you don't get so tweaked out that you have to stop.
Sfj Re: how much meth did you use?
This is a difficult topic to address without seeming to glorify the drug - something I really don't want to do.

The very first time I ever did meth was by injection, so naturally, I had no idea it could be done any other way.
A 'friend' hit me up.

Eventually, I learned to snort and eat it. I have never smoked meth - ever. I didn't even know that people could smoke it until I was already in rehab and heard people talk about smoking speed. I was shocked.

There were times when the product was difficult to get, so a gram would have to last a week or more. There were times when there was a lot of crummy, impure, grayish, pukish gooey, nasty, yucky crap that was a far cry from sparkling crystal. That was known as bathtub crank, and a few other less than flattering terms.
Those times - a gram could be gone in a few hours. (or less)

Everything in between was possible.

My average expenditure was about two hundred dollars a week. (give or take maybe)
Re: how much meth did you use?
Question: What is "hot-railing?" I have never heard that term used before.
Re: how much meth did you use?
Hot Railing is when you snort a line with a glass stem that is so hot it is red and the crystal turns to smoke when the stem is close.

It often is so hot and burns the inside of your nose and god knows what else...I have damage to the inside of my nose from burning it so many times..

Stupid idea
Re: how much meth did you use?
we used to do it with a piece of glass....
...cut lines on it, and hold fire underneath the glass.
the speed turns to smoke, as you snort it ..we used a straw ...or pipe stem.
Re: how much meth did you use?
I don't know. I never used alone and I never got past a .25 at a time that I actually owned. Since my boyfriends used - and generally bought - and my best friends sold, I probably have done a lot more than I think I have but it was always in a large group over hours and hours so I really couldn't give you an accurate amount.

PS Does anyone else find reading these replies or even posting one triggering? I don't have contact with anyone that does illegal drugs and I haven't thought about doing meth since I quit but by the time I finished reading the 4th reply, I had to stop reading them. I actually missed rolling a chalet. That's scary. I'm usually pretty careful about what I expose myself too but that snuck up on me. Ah well, now I know.

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