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Not so obvious signs of drug abuse

Not so obvious signs of drug abuse?
I need help, please, with the not-so-obvious signs of a drug user. Maybe not even an addict but someone just starting. Stuff that a non-user would never think of so I can be on the look out. I've heard a few that I never would have made the connection like pens broken apart. Anything and everything would help. Thanks. 
1Headlight Re: Not so obvious signs of drug abuse?
I'm sorry you're going through this Concerned Mom..... my son used for 12 years.

I know there are many others, but this is what I have off the top of my head.
In the category of "strange" things found:
missing aluminum foil -or- foil found in strange places (like under a bed)
small rolled up balls of foil in soda cans or bottles
bent spoons
LOTS of lighters
missing belongings like CD's, video games

In the category of "hiding places":
clothes in closet - check the pockets (carefully, in case there are needles) - also check inside socks
remove bottom dresser drawer and look on floor beneath
Between mattress and box spring
remove toilet paper roller (from wall) and look inside the metal roller
Sfj Re: Not so obvious signs of drug abuse?
Users have a variety of methods of ingestion. There are four common methods and one not as common.
The four most common are:
1. Snorting, you might see shortened straws or pens but some people use a rolled up dollar bill so there's no way of telling.
2. Eating, requires no paraphernalia at all. I used this method often.
3. Smoking, often done with a glass pipe, a broken light bulb or foil.
4. Injection (slamming or shooting) requires a hypodermic syringe. (outfit or rig)
The fifth, less common, method is the booty bump or vaginal bump. (you figure it out or send me a PM for explanation)
All meth users will experience a few symptoms in the beginning. These always include lack of sleep and lack of appetite and increased energy. Meth is a central nervous system stimulant. In all cases.
scorpio Re: Not so obvious signs of drug abuse?
LOL,, the light bulbs... here's a story for ya all.
This was in 1996, my husband died and my little brother came to stay with me to 'help' me out. Note this: I had used meth for years and thought I knew it ALL....
All the sudden I started missing light bulbs, I'd go to the garage, flip the switch, look up, no light bulb, then the front porch, then the back, then it graduated to the inside lamps, fixtures, kitchen an bath,,, I'm like WTF???? they weren't blown,,, they were GONE..... all in a few days,,, no light bulbs,,, my sister calls,,, says,, notice any light bulbs missing? I'm like how the f*&*( would you know THAT? She tells me my brother uses light bulbs to smoke meth  Say WHAT???? She practically had to draw me a diagram.......
Penel0pe Re: Not so obvious signs of drug abuse?
I had to get clean and come here to KCI to learn about the light bulb thing.
I had no idea!
sabino2 Re: Not so obvious signs of drug abuse?
Just my 2 cents.......
I would look at the person more than the paraphernalia

My point is when my ex wife was trying to catch me using she should have just trusted her intuition. She said she could tell from my eyes (the were empty) and she was always 100% right. But the paraphernalia thing would always trip her up.  perfect example is when she found a butane lighter and butane that was given to me as a gift (which by the way I never used butane lighters cause the one time I did I burned the shyte and it made me yack), but I was slamming by than and she couldn't catch me smoking it......

Look at the person........

Just my two cents

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