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Addict or binge user? What's the difference?

Addict or binge user? What's the difference?
My s/o and I were talking this weekend about my boy. He says my son is not an addict, just a user. He says there is a difference. Is that true?

I know my son can go and not use meth for awhile. But when he does use he will be messed for a good while. I read the other day (here) about binges. They explained that to me and I think that is what my son does.

Would this mean he is not an addict?
Loraura Re: Addict or binge user? What's the difference?
It depends on WHY he is using.
Sfj Re: Addict or binge user? What's the difference?
The debate over "What is an addict" can go on forever.
Is the label really important?
What is his behavior? That's more important.
Is he responsible? Self-disciplined? Loving? Empathetic? Generous?

Those qualities are often missing in addicts.
Re: Addict or binge user? What's the difference?
Loraura, could ya give me a bit more here. What ya mean?

Sfj, no I guess labels are not important. Just the fact that he uses upsets me terrible. I'm afraid he will die. You know, like it could be some that there was something wrong with and it would kill right then and there.

As far as his behavior, he talks the talk but don't seem to be able to walk the walk. If ya know what I mean. He is a very spoiled young man and that is my fault so he is selfish and self-centered, using or not.
no more
Re: Addict or binge user? What's the difference?
I think it's like saying I'm not addicted to cigs, I'm just a smoker.

"I can quit whenever I want" mentality.
Loraura Re: Addict or binge user? What's the difference?
Well, FOR ME, the reasons WHY a person uses dictate weather their use is recreational, or out of desperation/necessity.

Sometimes an addict can go for a few weeks doing "OK" not using, but when life throws them a kink in the works, like something not going well at work, or personal relationships having problems, or money problems crop up -- and the person chooses to use drugs to STOP feeling anxious or however they feel due to these life stressors, then the person is using drugs TO COPE rather than for fun. At this point, FOR ME, is when the person become an addict.

Meth is very seductive. Everyone starts out using FOR FUN. Look around the board here, and see how many slipped into using meth JUST TO COPE at some point.

When the person relies on meth to cope, their ability to choose not to use is significantly reduced. They can't find the power to say no, even when they had sworn off using or said "not this week", etc.

Life is difficult. For all of us. It's a fact of life that we all must endure hard times, uncomfortable emotions, and just plain crappy days.

But an active addict doesn't endure these tough times. They use instead. They slowly (or sometimes quickly) learn to prefer to use meth any time these tough times come up rather than to endure them. Eventually ANYTHING that isn't just perfect and peachy keen, is enough reason to use. This isn't their fault. This is because their brains have memorized that using increases comfort level. Our brains are SUPPOSED to help us comfort ourselves. But meth is extremely comforting in the beginning. It's very effective at removing any uncomfortable feelings! So our brains continue to tell us that this tool for comfort, this drug, is the answer to all our daily problems.

Physiological changes take place every time the user uses, which make it more and more uncomfortable to go without.

Some people can have a drink or two, or even get sloshed, on occasion, and never feel the need to use alcohol as a coping mechanism when life is difficult.
Is this possible with meth?

But each time it is used, the risk of the brain memorizing it as a "cure to all that ails us" increases.

Eventually... for most people... if they continue to use....addiction ensues.
Re: Addict or binge user? What's the difference?
A binge user is still a addict.

In my personal experience. My s/o would go week or even months at a time without using. He still was at addict the whole time he was clean. He would be the first to tell you this fact.

Binge users eventually turn into full blown addicts. A little at first, then your loose your a$$.

Don't let your s/o minimize the power of meth. It is like no other drug.
Re: Addict or binge user? What's the difference?
Jezze, I get so confused by him, his actions. GRRRRRRR!

See, I'm thinking' right now he's not using. Now of course I don't know. I just know he looks real good. He's not skin and bones and his face is so clear.

He don't tell me much about his life. I'm thinking' maybe he has a girl that he really likes. I don't think he is working much. He can still be real short tempered. So I don't know. All speculation.

I've kind of really got my hopes up here that he has stopped. We had had some real good conversations about life and such. Yet, I live like this bomb is going to drop on me. I know if he uses now it will hurt me so bad.

I mean, I really and truly do think he has not used for some time. I so wish he would talk to me. He's one you just got to wait on. He'll talk when he is ready and it will be a conversation about what he wants to it to be about. That is simply the way he is and there will be no changing' that. I don't push cause if I do it will run him away.

But Loraura I see what you are saying. If he has stopped cause of some little gal he likes and it don't go good, I think he will use. I've seen that in him. Life would get tough to his way of thinking' and he would go get high.

Thank you everybody. I'll just trudge along I reckon. Not much else can be done. I just pray he is done. 

I guess what I'm doing now is worrying in advance. How stupid!
Guene Re: Addict or binge user? What's the difference?
sierra, Your not stupid, so please don't say that, Your a Mom who loves her son, nothing wrong with that. You could think and think all you want, and never find the answer sweetheart.

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