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Just found out my brother is using meth

Just found out my brother is using meth
My brother has been successful; he owns his own business, but has always had an addictive personality like my dads. Our dad died over two years ago, and since my brother has continued to get worse with his addictive behaviors, like taking several Vicodin a day for pain, buying lots of toys, like street bikes, cars, going on a couple Vegas trips each month, etc. I was already worried knowing that he was taking several Vicodin a day for pain, but today I found out he's using "crank"...do I sit by and watch him lose everything? do I intervene? any suggestions?
Guestwho Re: Just found out my brother is using meth
"today I found out he's using"
How did you find out?
"do I sit by and watch him lose everything?"
No, but ultimately, you may have no choice in whether he does or not.
"Do I intervene?"
You should talk to him about it for sure. Find out why he is hurting etc. Mostly just let him know you love him and start from there.
Re: Just found out my brother is using meth
It's a sad thing to discover....I would confront him in love and truth. Remind him of the consequences and hurt he is causing. Reaffirm that you can help him to get help when he is ready....and pray. Miracles happen!
Guene Re: Just found out my brother is using meth
I'm so sorry hon, I know it's so painful when you find out that someone you love is using meth, I know my daughter is an addict, trying to get her life together. Just keep coming back to the board for support and read all you can about it. There are wonderful people here who will help and support you. Welcome to the board, my name is Bobbie. Hugs to you
lily Re: Just found out my brother is using meth
Five years ago, my brother was where your brother is right NOW, loved his toys, owned a successful business, financially secure and was an occasional meth user who constantly dabbled in other drugs.

Within 5 years, he lost his business, all his money, his pride, his honesty, his self-esteem and his credibility. He is in the process of losing his wife and children.
Now, you ask, what can I do?
Love, support, encourage and educate him.

People will tell you that he won't get clean unless he truly wants to, granted, but don't just sit back and pray, God can't help everybody.

For meth users, priorities change rapidly, and the spiral into hell happens very quickly. I'm sorry to sound pessimistic, but 5 years ago, I was where you are now, looking on in disbelief at how my brother continued to risk health, honor and happiness all at the hands of meth.

The decision to quit is that of the user, but if you have the patience and the will, and a good relationship with your brother, you can help him along the way.

Take care of yourself too, come here for help when you need it and good luck.
Re: Just found out my brother is using meth
I'm a recovering addict. As I read your post I couldn't help but think, I wish I would have had a caring sister like you.

But to answer your question. For this addict nothing was helpful in stopping me from using meth, until I decided I wanted to quit.

Some say intervention works, it didn't for me. Incarceration, hospital, mental health, rehabs, nothing seemed to be able to even slow me down.

It wasn't until someone I really did care about turned away from me completely that I started to figure out that I wanted to stop, but it was not easy wanting to stop , knowing I had to stop, but yet I had to have use it everyday. I'm almost at 7mo clean now, no desire to use.

There is hope, and recovery for everyone. Please keep coming back here there are a treasure of loved ones of addicts who'll be happy to share their experience and strength with you

God be your guide here, and I'll put one in with my power for your Brother too.

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