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How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms?

How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms?

A year ago my stepson's 19 year old ex-girlfriend, Tabby, came to us a month after their breakup and told us she was pregnant. She said she had no place to go. Her father is in jail and her mother is a coke addict so we took her in with the understanding that she would work on bettering her life.

A year later she's still here with our granddaughter. She is up all night, sleeps all day and leaves the baby with my wife every night. Two weeks ago Tabby told my wife that she and her boyfriend spent the previous three days doing meth. My wife told her she'd kick Tabby out if she did it again so of course Tabby said she wouldn't. I don't believe her.

How can I tell? What are the symptoms? Should we lock our valuables away?
Also I know I might sound a bit heartless, I do wish she'd straighten her life out... but it's getting a bit costly.

Re: How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms?

You sound just like us, only difference is that it is our son. He moved out at sixteen. At that time we did not know he was on meth, just thought he was being extremely independent. He stayed in school and graduated. How he did that I don't know, his grades were lousy but he maintained enough to graduate, I begged him for that.

Now he faces prison, 2 counts of dealing and 1 count of physical abuse......WHY DIDN'T I SEE THE SIGNS!!!

Re: How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms?

We know who her dealer is. He comes into our driveway and Tabby's boyfriend goes off with him. When he comes back they both leave. I'm tempted to pass on a license plate to the cop who sits in his car on the next block.

Re: How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms?

Helping her hit rock bottom will either make her or break her. TOUGH LOVE hurts everyone in the picture but it may work. I had to turn my back on my own daughter when she was only 15 1/2. Now she's 17 1/2 and we still don't talk. She's still using and I have even gone to the extent of going to a few of the people giving her dope and threatened them "If I ever find out that you're giving her dope again I'll hurt you or put you away for along time" That was the anger and hurt talking in me. Now I just try to stand by the sidelines and watch, pray, and stay clean. I have pretty much given it to God. I can't help her until she's ready for the help, but I damn sure won't let her in my home while she's out there either. It's sad! My mother did the same thing to me. She finaly got sick and tired of my self-centered crap, and told me good-bye till you get clean. That was probably the best thing she could have done for me too. I hit my bottom REALLY HARD, REALLY FAST!!

You are loving and caring for trying to help and don't ever let the harsh words or actions of her get to you. You know in your heart whether she's using or not. She has all the characteristics of it. I recal she has your grand child???? if so just concentrate on keeping that baby safe and out of harms way.

Ol Ma
Re: How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms? 

She told you she had been using. I am sure you noticed she was uncenterd, used rapid speach, eyes not settling and really looking at anything, rather hyper, unable to sit still, unable to conclude a sentence or verbal thought.

Think of what you observed, during the time she admitted to use. Symptoms are wide and varied and not every one has all of them and some have others which are rarely mentioned.

I suggest you educate yourself about this drug and the addiction. Here is a good place to start. Discuss and decide where your boundries are which ones can bend and which ones can't. Encourage her to attend NA and possibly rehab. There are both inpatient and outpatient resources available.

Sfj Re: How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms? 

Some typical signs of meth use:

1. Lack of sleep,
2. Lack of appetite,
3. Nervous twitching,
4. Blaming others,
5. Grinding teeth,
6. Clenching jaw,
7. Seldom smile,
8. Avoid family and normal friends,
9. Unable to be responsible,
10. Dental and skin health gets worse,
11. Abnormally high amounts of energy,
12. Paranoia,
13. Obsessive perverse sexual behavior,
14. Enlarged pupils,
15. Tweaking.

How Meth Addicts Think and Feel

1. Get as much info as you can
2. Develop a plan
3. Seek professional help
4. Realize the truthful limitations
5. Most importantly - Trust God
6. discard any notion that there is an easy magic answer that can be found by visiting an internet website.

“Treat people as if they are what you want them to be and you help them become what they’re capable of being.” - - - Goethe

Re: How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms?

she is using you everytime you give her an inch-trust me-I am going threw this w/my sisitet 10 fold... ..ps.her boyfriend is a dealer-and spoon feeding her...and...all the cops are "CROOKED" in their town

Re: How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms?

If you let her stay, definitely lock the valuables up. Some addicts steal from parents, spouses, children, they will surely steal from their child's grandparents.

Keep reading. Knowledge is power.

Re: How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms?

Is it possible for meth to make somebody more relaxed and focused for a short period of time? What other drug would someone snort to get relaxed mentally but stay up for days?

Re: How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms?

Yes Imafudge,

That is possible. In fact its kinda common. People who are naturally ADD or ADHD are usually more focused .. I wouldnt say relaxed but they can sit and draw for like, days on end.

Re: How can I tell a meth addicts symptoms? 

Hello JPA, and Welcome!

It never ceases to amaze me how many lives are stained by this evil drug meth. And make no mistake, it is evil. Read the posts on this site, see the devastation this drug causes, and you will come to learn that it is the devil's drug.

Sounds like everyone else pretty much summed up the preliminaries for you.


Should we lock our valuables away?


Meth causes good people to do really bad things. They will cheat, lie, steal, whatever they have to do to replenish their supply. I know. I was an addict for 13 years. I'm ashamed of some of the things I did for meth.

Meth takes away the person you once knew, and turns them inside out, both physically and mentally.

You and yours will be in my prayers. Keep coming back here if you want to learn more.
The more information you have, the better equipped you will be to make solid, informed decisions.

So sorry for the reason you are here, but you've come to the right place.

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