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Tin foil use in smoking crystal meth

Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
Can you explain what the tin foil is used for when smoking crystal? My husband claims that tin foil has nothing to do with using this drug. BUT I have found a semi load of it over the years.

Please explain...
answer Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
Yes it can be used to smoke meth.

Putting meth on a piece of tinfoil and holding a heat source underneath will heat the meth and liquify it causing it to smoke. A pen casing or straw is used to inhale the smoke through.

Have you noticed missing light bulbs? This is a another household product that can be used to smoke meth.
TnSkye Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
They fold it to hold the meth, like in half or like a boat, and then light it from the bottom. You've probably found it with black marks on the bottom from being used??

Yeah, I even found some about a month ago. I wasn't looking, he just didn't clean his car good.
Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
As far as I can tell he was using cigar glass tubes a pipes. He somehow burned a perfect circle into the end of the tube, and heated from the bottom. Inhaling from the top of the tube. I know this because I caught him taking a hit off one these pipes over the weekend.

The foil I have found is always crumbled up, and doesn't appear to be burned.

If I was a smart women I would have taken stock shares in Reynolds Wrap years ago, but he used lots of it.
TnSkye Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
My husband made his own pipes too, glass pipes. When I moved, I had a drawer full that I finally threw away. Others had been broken, thrown in the pond, or thrown out of the car window through the years.
I would have taken stock shares in Reynold Wrap
Yeah, me too. Dumb me, I'd take his foil and he'd just go buy more. What made me think he wouldn't?? lol...
Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
Foil, haa........I refused to buy it for an entire year because I knew what it would be used for! That's when I started finding the glass pipes and yep, light bulbs suddenly started buring out real quick!!!!!
csimp70 Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
Light bulbs---hmmm I always seemed to be out of light bulbs!! I decided to buy the squiggly florescent kind.

And I found tons of pens torn apart... on top of the pipes and little baggies all over. Never foil though... but now I know to keep on the look out for that as well.
Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
The other day my brother-in-law was arrested so me and my husband and a friend of mine ( who has never used in her life). Went to get all of his stuff. We found a christmas light that he has broken the top off of and used to smoke meth out of. My husband and i had to laugh. We are both clean now and it was nice that we could actually laugh about it. When we were using we would probably both have said " i wonder if there is anything left in it"
Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
i know what you mean about being able to laugh about it now.when me and my BF are in the grocery store and go past the foil wrap and i dont buy any or even glance at it he always laughs and says "wow you really are clean huh?" or when i change a lightbulb i will laugh and say "LOOK BABE I THREW IT AWAY"..we have often remarked that its a miracle Reynalds is still in business now that we are clean.
k23 Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
is it a slap in the face to find all these things and still get told time and time again that there is nothing going on
vctry7 Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
I was watching an old home video from Christmas 4 years ago. I had two boxes of tin foil on the shelf in my bedroom where the kids were playing with their new toys - donated of course. There were also little balls of used foil everywhere. I never thought a thing about it while using. Sad. I also never thought a thing about having to walk to the bedroom to get the foil if I ever needed it in the kitchen, which was rare.
Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
hey Vctry..i can so relate..my mom came over to BBQ once and asked were the tinfoil was and i told her is was in the master bathroom..she was all confused..till later when the truth came out.i have had the same roll since the day i got clean and have used it mabe once for food..and as far as it being a slap in the face when you see it around and they still deny useing..i would think so but denial is a powerful thing..sucks for everyone involved
Re: Tin Foil use in smoking crystal meth
My ex-brother inlaw used to smoke his meth using tin-foil and a straw/pen .. He was known in all who knew him as "The Tin Man"

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