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Addiction program or graduation songs - any suggestions?

Addiction Program / Graduation Songs
My daughter is graduating from a program she has completed and she is doing very well !!!! Are there any songs that anybody may know of????? She has to pick a song to play........Thanks
pcejp Re: Addiction Program / Graduation Songs
At my daughter's graduation from a halfway house, they played "You are so beautiful". I think it is by Mariah Carey. It brought tears to everyone.

Best wishes to you and your daughter. I know from first hand experience how hard she has worked.

Work like the pay doesn't matter; love like you've never been hurt; and dance like nobody's watching. There's no day but today.
lax2 Re: Addiction Program / Graduation Songs
Let us know what she picks.... It's a personal decision but one that comes to my mind is "HOLD ON" by Wilson Phillips, or "RELEASE ME" also by wilson Phillips.
Sfj Re: Addiction Program / Graduation Songs
"That's What Makes You Strong"

Wynonna Judd
Re: Addiction Program / Graduation Songs
Yes, I really think they are all good songs...let's see what she thinks. Thank You all very much

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