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Coffee filter connection with Meth

A coffee filter and meth?
My x Travis, was put on probation for 18 months for domestic violence, and burglary, as you might remember, I kicked him out of my home.

He was put on probation on 3/21/06 then on 3/24/06 he was arrested and sent back to jail, he was arrested for displaying plates belonging to a toyota, and suspended driver license.

The cops did a search in side the car and found a plastic baggy with traces of meth, and a coffee filter with residue in a plastic bag. My question is what would a coffee filter be used for?
Re: A coffee filter and meth?
coffee filters are used when they're making the stuff, at least that is what I found out when I found my ex was making the stuff.
Re: A coffee filter and meth?
I think they are used to filter the phosphorous in some way. After they have been used, they will be found with a reddish color.

That has always been my understanding anyway. I'm certainly no expert.
Re: A coffee filter and meth?
After you "gas" dope you filter off the liquid through coffee filters and you are left with the powder inside the filter.

That is why there was powder left on filter
Re: A coffee filter and meth?
I don't know about the coffee filter's. But he might have used it to meth in. I have heard of people using all kind's of stuff to put meth in. Once a friend gave me some meth. I had nothing to put it in. So i used a gum wrapper.
Re: A coffee filter and meth?
sometimes coffee filters are used for pot resin ..

not everything is meth related .. but then again .. we have to consider the source.
Re: A coffee filter and meth?
Coffee filters are a stock item in many small labs, used toward the end of the "cook", they typically contain meth residue. Odds are he was cooking or helping someone cook.
Re: A coffee filter and meth?
I was arrested for manufacturing, Its most definatly from a lab. its the final process, it separates the meth from the solvent or fuel when poured through it. theirs always a small amount of meth left on or trapped in the filter.
here in montana it would be considered a precurser to a lab. a felony
Re: A coffee filter and meth?
I want to thank all of you for responding.

In OHIO its a felony 1 charge right off the bat, he will go once again in front of the judge on 03/31/06 at 11am, I have the copy of the police report right in front of me.

This drug called meth is so out of control, I am sure now he was cooking the meth. And by breaking his probation, in just 3 dam days, lost his job, car was impounded, on the police report they took pictures, and took his finger prints.

Id say its safe to say this time he will go to prison, its really sad , but its not my problem, it seems like a never ending night mear for me , the phone never stops ringing, because he thinks ill get him out of jail, and no I will not. I was the victim way too many times.

Thank you all for helping me on this one, I hope in some way it helped others about the coffee filter, and my story.

Maybe they have help for him in prison, I do not know , I just wish it would all go away, as I sure am trying to move on in my life.
Thank all of you that have responded it does mean the world to me .
Comtux Re: A coffee filter and meth?
Yup coffee filters are indeed used in makeing it; when i was using meth i use to ask for the filters so i could scrape, then soak them in rubbing alchohol and burn the alchohol away and have meth surup, as i called it, then poor it into my light bulb pipe and get high.

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