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What is Meth psychosis?

meth psychosis?
can anyone elaborate on meth psychosis? after how much use can this can happen to someone? what kind of effects temp or perm take place? thanks
Re: meth psychosis?
...you WILL definately get it the first time you use.
IF you use enough to stay up four days to a week.

as your body dehydrates, and is malnurished, sleep deprivation,kicks in...giving auditory, and visual hallucinations. coupled with whatever mental disorder,
or personality disorders you might have magnified.

for example...
...in speed psychosis.

I EXPECTED the hallucinations, I ignored the whispers, but I'm ADHD...it got so bad I could'nt find ANYTHING.
....I developed some obsessive compulsive disorders while using ...so I'd re arrange items on a table for 12 hours.
like a happy moron.

was already paranoid, and had self esteem issues.
....so HIS psychosis was a paranoid belief in benign
occurances that I was out to get him...by re arranging the table for reasons unexplained.

it's different for everyone.
....but it only takes some starvation, and sleep deprivation....plus the speed to get a good solid clinicly insane mind set going.
Re: meth psychosis?
what about those who don't stay awake for even a whole night but used to be a full-blown addict? would something like multiple personalities ever be part of the psychosis in this instance?

i'm worried for someone who is seeing hidden messages on the computer, believing that people are evil (but aren't), etc. an ex-addict but nowhere near what they used to be on it in the past.

i dunno... thought i would try and get some insight. thanks everyone. xooxox suz!

Re: meth psychosis?
My ex was like that...
...there was no way you could convince him otherwise.

he's got to quit.

and he IS a full blown addict.
....now you see what "progressive" means.

he picks up where he left off, he won't start over "fresh"
....the more he does..the worse his mental condition will be.

Re: meth psychosis?
Yeah Suz,
I agree with you. My heart is breaking for this guy that we are all talking stupid ass code about.

My heart is breaking for you too. It sucks to have to witness the meth psychosis. He is a full blown addict baby. It does not matter if he is using less than what he used to, it does not matter if he is sleeping. The monster is taking over his soul.

I hate this @#%$. I hate meth and what it does to beautiful people.

Re: meth psychosis?

i'm worried for someone who is seeing hidden messages on the computer, believing that people are evil (but aren't),
that's a coincedence you mentioned "codes" being used.

.....hmmmmmmm, I never noticed.
Penel0pe Re: meth psychosis?
To deeeeee and that "someone..."

Of course I've been off of work for a while, but when I go back, I KNOW maybe half of our psychiatric patients will be there because of meth psychosis. I know that because it is ALWAYS that way, always. They read meaning into things that aren't there, believe the TV and radio (And computer!) are talking to or about them, see "Hidden messages" everywhere, and are generally PARANOID. Lots of them think they are broadcasting their thoughts, or that people are inserting thoughts into thier heads. Some of them think the government has implanted microchips into thier brains and are controlling them.

Sounds like fun, huh?

I can make you one ABSOLUTE PROMISE - this person is not going to get better if he continues to use - he will most likely get WORSE over time. I see it constantly. It makes me sad - because for most of these folks, getting CLEAN makes it all go away.

One the girls in the NA program was one of the patients at my work (Actually, LOTS of people in the NA program were, but I'll just use her for a recent example - the ones that stayed clean are doing fine.)

She stayed clean for about 4 months after she got out of the hospital, and she was smiling and talking to people and stopped hearing voices...she became fun to be with, skin cleared up....

She's using again. Her face looks like a pizza. She won't look us in the eye, she is hearing voices, and thinks that some of us in the program are going to KILL HER.

Sometimes they get so sick the state has to take over - they won't stay away from the meth - we get them well, they go use again, and they are in and out of the hospital constantly. After that happens enough time and they get themselves into such bad shape that the state takes over (They end up conserved) and off they go, away for at least a year into a locked psych facility to get well.

Ask this person, is this what you want? The only problem is, when people are psychotic, they don't believe they are sick, so they HAVE to go through the system to get well enough to understand what meth is doing to them.

I hope your friend is still coherent enough to realize where meth is about to take him. Some people NEVER come back.
Re: meth psychosis?
Ok so maybe the phrase " talking in code" was not the best choice of words here. My point was at the beginning of the posts, it was like talking about some random stranger not someone that we know.

Know what I mean???

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