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Signs someone is using Meth?

Signs someone is using meth?
I think someone i know is using a drug called meth. I need to know how this drug makes people act? And if I'm in danger?
Re: Signs someone is using meth?
Welcome Margie...

Here are a few very noticeable signs. Others will come along with more:

Lack of sleep
No appetite / Weight Loss
Excessive Talking
Mood swings
Unusual high traffic on the cell phone
Shady friends

Yes you are in danger.

What makes you think they are using?
rn1979 Re: Signs someone is using meth?
I was blind to my husband's use for 7 mths., but if I would have known the signs, I would have caught on a little earlier. Here are some of the signs that my husband exhibits daily:

Dry mouth
disregard for others
talking on his cell phone "privately"
foil, razor blades, cut-off straws or pen casings w/ belongings
taking benedryl or tylenol pm to rest
frequent headaches
sleeping for days at a time
sores around his mouth
weight loss and hair loss
Re: Signs someone is using meth?
I also didn't know my boyfriend was using for several months....but his mood always pleasant when he is high, talks a lot....very helpful....he was also always in the mood for sex. He wouldn't eat dinner when we did, and we would lay down to go to sleep and he would keep talking. Then on the comedown, he would sleep a lot, eat a lot, and be grouchy. A lot of the times, his pupils are dilated...

I hope this helps a little....this is a wonderful place to learn/get support....
Sfj Re: Signs someone is using meth?
Here's my home-made list:

1. Lack of sleep, 2. Lack of appetite, 3. Nervous twitching, 4. Blaming others, 5. Grinding teeth, 6. Clenching jaw, 7. Seldom smile, 8. Avoid family and normal friends, 9. Unable to be responsible, 10. Dental and skin health gets worse. 11. Abnormally high amounts of energy, 12. Paranoia 13. Obsessive perverse sexual behavior, 14. Enlarged pupils, 15. Tweaking

There are many thousands of websites about methamphetmine on the internet.

Here's mine:

How Meth Addicts Think and Feel
TnSkye Re: Signs someone is using meth?
Could you tell us why you think this person is using?

Meth addicts tend to become paranoid and /or violent after binging. In 15 years, my husband never became violent, but he could tomorrow. There is no way to predict who may become violent or when.

Also, they often get drugs 'fronted' and don't pay so the dealers sometimes go after loved ones to collect the debt.

See also:

Physical Signs of Crystal Meth and Methamphetamine Usage

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How can I tell if he's using / clean of meth?

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