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Signs of using Meth?

Signs of using meth?
My husband has been clean for a few months- I think.
But now he's constantly complaining about how dry his nose is all the time. He also says he gets pimples inside that hurt like the dickens.
So my question is this:
Could this nasal dryness after approximately 4-5 months clean indicate the possibility that he's using again?
There have been other signs, but not as dramatic as what was going on before. Sometimes he stays up all night, then sleeps a lot to make up for it.
And in the mornings, in the shower, I hear him snorting & blowing his nose a whole lot.
He used to smoke the shyt. Does it sound to anyone else like maybe he's snorting now and trying to hide it a little better?
Is that even possible?
imlostinky Re: Signs of using meth?
If he is blowing, not likely he is snorting.
At least I wouldn't when I snorted. I wanted it to stay there as long as possible.
What other signs are you seeing?
the bigger the picture the better the view.

Sfj Re: Signs of using meth?
Nasal congestion, or other nasal problems can be caused by many things, not just drug use.

Some of the more common signs of meth use are:

1. Lack of sleep
2. Lack of appetite
3. Nervous twitching
4. Blaming others
5. Grinding teeth
6. Clenching jaw
7. Seldom smile
8. Avoid family and normal friends
9. Unable to be responsible
10. Dental and skin health gets worse
11. Abnormally high amounts of energy
12. Paranoia
13. Obsessive perverse sexual behavior
14. Enlarged pupils
15. Tweaking
still catest Re: Signs of using meth?
With the blowing of the nose....I would blow my nose BEFORE I snorted, to make sure I got a clearer shot in there, I guess. Afterwards, I'd SNIFF a lot, to keep any dribbles from running out. I think I sniffed WAY more than I needed to.

Gawd, that was gross.
JDP Re: Signs of using meth?
The best way to check for meth use besides a drug test is to put your head on his chest and listen to his heart beat. If he isn't using alcohol or any other medication his resting heart rate will be alot faster than it would be if he wasn't using meth. Even with the use of alcohol or other meds there will be a difference in his heart rate than if he wasn't using.
Another thing that you might be able to see is his eyes darting around quicker than normal. It isn't so totally obvious that he looks all crazy, but if you watch his eyes closely you will see it. Also he might not have much eye contact with you. He might blink faster than normal.
His mouth might be dryer when you kiss.
He will radiate heat. His body temperature will be higher and you will feel it sitting next to him.
When people say he will have personality changes, some of what that is like would be something that might have bothered him before, suddenly he could care less about, or vice versa, something he wouldn't usually care about and then it is suddenly the biggest deal in the world.
My addict just has a look about him that is different when he uses that I cannot stand to see. It hurts to much.
Re: Signs of using meth?
My addict would say he had sores in his nose and dig for a long time scratching and picking them.

In the shower, he would almost snort the water and then hock it up like a loogie.

He would always be "clearing his throat", you know the sound.

He was not smoking or snorting, he was slamming.
belle Re: Signs of using meth?
Ok, that sounds just like my addict in the shower. And the spitting up loagies, and constantly sniffing. He would get sores in his nose a lot too. I just thought it was allergies all year around.
sierranights Re: Signs of using meth?
See, I thought allergies too. That is exactly the way it is at my house. Constant too. He will sniff water up his nose. Always spitting crap up, blowing his nose, sniffles alot like a cold, clearing his throat. The nose sores.

I know he is using heavily but this confirms it even more.

Does this mean he is slamming? I hate being so dumb!

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