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Stages of the Meth High

Sfj Stages of the meth high
To even attempt to describe this is sheer lunacy, but I'm pretty good at that sort of thing.

The high, usually begins before any drug or chemical enters the body. Anticipation is a huge factor for most addictions. But aside from that, there are four ways of taking meth.
Eating, snorting, smoking, and shooting. A more rare form is like a suppository, but we'll avoid that for now. It doesn't matter how it is ingested in the fact that the meth molecule needs to reach the blood and then the central nervous system to be effective. It does that more quickly via injection or smoking than by snorting or eating. The effects are essentially the same, the rate of onset, and intensity will vary with the method of ingestion.

When meth hits the brain, it causes a chemical reaction to take place. It stimulates the center portion of the brain. That is the portion that regulates our more primitive functions such as the "Fight or flight" reaction of adrenalin, being alert, confident, selfish, self-centered, energetic, and so on. Remember, meth is essentially a stimulant, like coffee is a stimulant. It wakes you up. Meth users, take enough so that the body is overly-stimulated. Way Overly. Stimulation is what causes a meth user to keep craving. Compare it to running on a set of worn out batteries and then being plugged into a wall socket to get the power. Normal life would be rechargeable batteries. Meth is like plugging into 220 volts or even 440. That would be like plugging into four wall sockets at the same time. Talk about being supercharged !

The initial rush is a flood of dopamine (feel good chemical in the brain), like a current of energy hitting the body. I've heard a few people, not many but one woman whom you all know talked about this in chat, another guy from LA CMA and me who have had spontaneous orgasm upon the manifestation of the meth rush. Consider the power in that. I doubt if eating, snorting, or even smoking meth could induce such a phenomenon but injection will in some cases. That intense initial rush will last less than a minute in most cases. But what follows is almost as pleasurable.

Depending upon the dose, the high, the euphoria, the total sense of well-being will be present for an hour, maybe three or four and then a period of indecisiveness takes over.
The indecisiveness or ambivalence will become, "Should I do more?" or "Should I think about coming down in the next six to ten hours."

We often use the term "clean" rather than "sober" when speaking of abstaining from meth - and for good reason. In the sense that a drinker of liquor gets drunk or intoxicated from alcohol, a meth user is totally sober. Alcohol affects a different part of the brain than meth. Slurred speech, delayed reaction time, inability to balance and respond are common with drunks. Those qualities are the opposite and vastly heightened and keenly improved upon ingesting stimulants.

Think of a meth high like a curve if you will: (my feeble attempt at computer graphics)

One is right before doing a hit. Two is the height of the rush, it could be a few seconds for those who shoot it, or a five to fifteen minutes for one who eats it. Three is where the user may be the most coherent, right before the crash, Four is ALWAYS below the starting point. This graphic could be four to sixteen hours in duration, (give or take) Not necessarily to scale.

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