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Articles about Crystal Meth and Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine, biggest illegal drug menace in America
Published: Monday, 28-Feb-2005
Ten Attorneys General and officials from 13 other states came together today to attack what they called the biggest illegal drug menace in AmericA. the use and production of methamphetamine.

Beating an Addiction to Meth
By Julia Sommerfeld of MSNBC
Researchers zero in on brain effects, treatment approaches
Smoking methamphetamine produces a brief, intense "rush" and can result in long-term neurological damage.

Children of Ice
The ice epidemic has touched tens of thousands of lives in Hawai'i. It has an impact on our families, our children, our schools, our crime rate, our prisons, our businesses.

Crystal addict must hit bottom first: experts
Published October 3, 2003
Patience advised for family, friends often manipulated by meth abusers

'Meth' moves east
Published July 29, 2003
Methamphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant that for years was a concern in a few Western states, now is being made nationwide in clandestine labs that are creating environmental hazards and other problems in residential areas.

MethsDeadly Buzz: The Hidden Drug Crisis
AnMSNBC.com special report

Sierra Club Magazine
Toxic waste from clandestine drug labs in the rural West being dumped on the land and into streams, sewage systems and landfills.

Special Report: The Meth Monster
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporters Michelle Bradford and Pamela Hill, over the course of three months, conducted interviews and compiled research about the production, trafficking and abuse of methamphetamine in Northwest Arkansas.

Methamphetamine Invades Middle America
Excerpted from ENN EMERGENCY SERVICES REPORT-Sunday, April 13, 1997 Vol. 1 - 103

MAP - Drug Policy Reform
Listing of articles about all drugs. Slanted towards a positive view in some areas.

DEA - Publications - Get It Straight!
U.S. Department of Justice site aimed at informing children about drugs.

DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration
Drugs of Concern

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