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Thoughts about the Chat Room…SFJ’s Opinion.

  1. We are guests, visitors, and we ought to behave accordingly.
  2. None of us has any more right to say what we want than the others’. None of us has less.
  3. Monitors have the instant power to make people leave. (I’m not a monitor)
  4. We have no right to think that we are in a safe place. The chat room is available to all.
    1. Profanity is acceptable to some and distasteful to others.
    2. No one is offended by a lack of profanity.
  5. Jumping to conclusions is a very common cause of conflict in the chat room. (wrong conclusion)
  6. Coming in during the middle of a conversation, and making assumptions is a good way to make enemies.
  7. There is no rule that says you have to say good-bye when you leave.
  8. These are computers, and glitches, power outages, system bugs, and operator error are very common.
  9. If I leave when you come in, please realize it has absolutely nothing to do with you.
  10. Rude comments and impolite speech are not appropriate - even to tweakers asking for recipes.
  11. Simple civility and decency, such as saying, “Please”, “May I suggest,” “Thank you for allowing me to disagree” and similar phrases are more apt to get positive results.
  12. If a joke is meant as a joke, let it be a joke. If it offends, don’t read it.
  13. The primary conversations should be on topic, but sometimes, a few moments of talking about the weather, your family, movies, home-town etc. can relieve the stress and trauma of constantly dealing with the tragedy of meth addiction.
  14. You can disagree with anyone except a monitor. Actually, you can disagree with a monitor also, but it may get you kicked. A select few monitors have been known to be impetuous and trigger happy.
  15. No one is required to speak, nor is anyone required to be silent.
  16. If you don’t like the conversation and its contents, you have choices.
    1. Leave the room
    2. Ask the participants to change the conversation
    3. Try to find a monitor - not always easy to do.
    4. Ignore the offensiveness
    5. Put the offender on “Ignore”
    6. Use rhetorical persuasiveness to get others to help you change the conversation]
    7. Be clever and find other alternatives
  17. Be thankful that the Chat Room is available 24/7 with up-time in excess of 99.9 per cent.
  18. Nobody owes you or me an explanation for anything.
  19. Nobody is obligated to abide by unwritten rules.
  20. Chat room is a choice.
  21. Cooperation will bring better results than confrontation.

I just wrote my opinion. SFJ….http://sfjaye.freewebspace.com

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