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Being wired on meth day after day

   When I used, I maintained a steady state of being wired day after day with no bingeing or crashing. It appears more common here for people to do this for days and then crash for a few, then start up again. Was this by choice - I mean did you do the binge / crash bit because you would do it until you ran out and couldn't find anymore? Or did you get so spun that you needed to come down to recover so you could get high again? Just curious.
- tm


S -
   I was like that for a while too.... but after a certain amount of time, you can't continue. I went 17 days without sleep once, and when I crashed, it was for only 5 hours... then I rolled over, hit my pipe, did two lines, and dumped the rest of my sack into my Starbucks mocha frapuccino.
   I kept that pace up for 2 years. Towards the end, I was nodding off all over the place. If I wasn't actively engaged in something, I'd fall asleep. Meetings at work were the worst. I was fine if I was presenting (activity, see...) but when my place was to sit and listen, I couldn't stay awake.
   I think a lot of the reason my binges were typically longer than most was because I was an athlete before my addiction. I was in great shape, so my body could take a lot more punishment. You atrophy a lot over two years with no sleep though.

Donna - 
   We would use every day until we ran out. I was up for 9 days straight one time. I will NEVER forget that I was a mess!!! How stupid to do that to yourself huh?!?
   You just keep doing the shit day and night so you don't sleep period. When I stayed up for that many days I had only been using for a few months. I slept for about 3 days when I crashed. I knew people that would be up for a week at a time. We were all a danger to ourselves and others when we did that. I think the sleep depravation gets to you as much as the speed. Imho anyway......

tom - 
   i did the everyday thing,it was my cure all. somethimes i would stay up till igot really silly looked drunk.never slept for more than a few hours though

Andy - 
   I liked to binge a few times a month and get really spun. Using everyday nevery appealed to me, I like sleep and food too much, and I have a hard time sleeping without meth.

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